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What Should Eastern European Migrants in UK Do In Order To Be More Dissertation

What Should Eastern European Migrants in UK Do In Order To Be More gainfully Employed - Dissertation Example20 i. Factors that will make the Eastern European Migrant Workers fetch More Gainfully Employed in UK 21 III. interrogation Methodology 23 a. Primary Research Study Design .. 23 b. Quantitative Research Survey Questionnaire Design . 23 c. Site Settings, community and Sample Size .. 24 d. Methods of Quantitative Measurements . 24 e. Research Ethics 25 IV. Research Findings and psychoanalysis .. 26 V. Conclusion and Recommendations... 31 a. Conclusion .. 31 b. Recommendations .. 32 References 34 Appendixes .. 45 Appendix I Research Survey Questionnaire .... 45 Appendix II Summary of Research Survey Results ..... 48 Tables and Figures 52 Table I List of Qualifications According to Each Category .. 52 Table II Out-of-Work Benefits...The strength to work and to live abroad made thousands of people leave their home and go to look for a better living in UK. Hull, like ot her cities in UK experienced rising number of immigrants glide path from East and Central Europe. According to Department for Work & Pensions, the total number of immigrants coming to Hull surrounded by 2004 2008 from east and central European countries was 6.780. Even though news reports claim that the economic recession in UK has ended (Allen 2011), a lot of Eastern European Immigrant workers are still facing difficulties with employment in UK. To understand why the Eastern European Immigrant workers are still facing difficulties with employment in UK, this subject aims to gather secondary research data in order to clarify what is going on in the UK economy today. In order to achieve the aims of this study, a research survey will be conducted in order to learn more about the specific hopes and needs of the Eastern European migrant workers in the UK.

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Victim impact statement Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Victim imp impress statement - Term Paper ExampleIt tin be oral, presented by the victim, or a secondary party to the crime, during the hearing process, or can be written. If presented in a written form, the victim move statement is handed in to the Attorneys office. The office then submits the statement to the Probation Office and it is considered as part of retrieved evidence that the office offers to a presiding arbiter during a hearing. The definition of a victim impact statement also includes in clump letters to a judge and this is an exception from the formal approach. It applies when the victim is not in a position to complete the formal process of presenting a written victim impact statement. The victims personal discomfort whitethorn lead to the need for a personal letter instead of the formal statement (Justice n.p.). Literature seek The definition of victim impact statement identifies the objective communicating set up of a criminal act on the victim and other people who could have been round the crime scene. Diversified purposes that the statement serves be identifiable from the purpose. One of the statements purposes is to offer the victim a chance to explain do of the crime on their lives. Physical, emotional, and financial effects are the major types and explain the extent to which the victims rights were infringed by the crime and the need for justice. Crimes on a victim identify vulnerability that may stick after the crimes. The accused may also want to tamper with evidence in order to empty punishment and this increases vulnerability to intimidation from the accused or associates. Victim impact statement helps in settlement the vulnerability by allowing the victim to point vulnerability concerns that the court can address towards justice. The concerns may impact to granting the accused bail or protecting the victim from possible harassment. Another role that the victim impact statement serves is offering an avenue through which the victim can obtain information about his or her case. The victim needs to state in the statement such required information as the procession that the case has made. Victim impact statement also offers victims opportunities for informing relevant authorities of needs for claims or help. The suffered losses may warrant compensation or help towards recuperation and victims can state whatsoever related needs in the statement. Victim impact statement also avails statistics for understanding trends in crimes and effects of the crimes on victims. Such information can then influence decisions and policies for crime prevention and management of effects of crimes on victims (The Crown Prosecution Service 1). Implementation of the roles of victim impact statement follows stipulated principles for consistency with prescript of law and natural justice. One of the principles governing the statement is admissibility of the effects. Losses that the victim suffers and the extent must be in such f orms that the judicial system acknowledges and can incorporate in making judgment. Admissibility is subject to animate laws. Another principle that governs application of the statement is incorporation of the effects in the basis for making decisions on a case. Judgment must however rely on other factors such as genius of the crime and the accused. Victims personal perspectives or those of the victims close associates do not however influence judicial decisions on cases (The Crown Prose

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Simple Random Sampling Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Simple Random Sampling - Essay ExampleThis order would eitherow collection of data in all the target areas without any bias. Simple stochastic taste is a statistical tool used in research. In this research method, a subset of a hear is chosen from a population. All individuals are chosen randomly by chance, so that all individuals lead the same probability at all the stages of the sampling process. (Patton, 2002). In both large and small populations, much(prenominal) process is done without replacement. An individual avoids choosing a member of a population more than once. Simple random can also be done with replacements but, when done without replacement, it not independent but it still accommodates interchangeability. For an super small subset from large population, bare(a) random sampling without replacement gives the same results as wit replacement. apathetic sampling is incredibly paramount so that the sample selected represents the entire population. This does not sho w that the sample is a perfect representation of the population, but it provides valid conclusion in relation to the population. This is the simplest sampling technique, and it requires a stark(a) sampling frame which is not feasible to construct from a big population. (Zikmund, 2010). One critical return is that it is free from errors, and it requires exceptionally little knowledge on the subsets. The respondents were people who could to a lower placestand all that were required, and thus particularly minimal explanation was required from the researchers. The questions that were used were applicable to all the businesses that were involved in the research. This is because, in simple random sampling, the subsets selected are picked from the target population. This makes it easy to interpret the data collected. The data collected was easy to conk out, and analyze since the respondents had almost the same answers to the research questions. The method was also suitable because the research was not gathering skilful information that required experts. It was economical to explain the questions to the respondents, since it did target a large number of people. (Creswell, 2009). On the contrary, it has a good deal of errors due to the randomness of selection that can give samples that do not reflect the characteristics of the unquestionable population. For example, a simple random sampling of 20 businesses will averagely produce 10 businesses that got assistance from think capital and 10 that did not, but the actual trial will over present or under present one of the category. The result of the research was incredibly consistent with the expectation of the researcher. There was no immense variation between the actual and the expected. This implies that simple random was a superior method for this research. Simple random sampling is tedious and exceptionally cumbersome when done from a large population. There was a lot of movement from one enterprise to the o ther to look for the respondents. Some of the respondents were not available at the period of conducting the interview, and so the researcher had to go to another time. There were especially many entrepreneurs to be interviewed, and this method was so effective since it saved time. This was so imperative since it will not be feasible to interview all the businesspersons. It also complicated if the research questions are exceedingly many. The questionnaire had many questions, and this method only allowed the target meeting to answer the questions. The

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Professional Organizational Communication Vision Statement Essay

Professional Organizational Communication Vision Statement - Essay ExampleBelasen (2000) observes that whereas organizations should hold up a form of leadership to steer them towards achievement of their goals, this leadership could not necessarily be that obvious in some organizations.With an organization focused on attaining a specific goal, coordination plays a critical role. As such, confabulation forms the basis of the successful existence of an organization. Therefore, more and more organizations appreciate the importance of communication, especially where labor process depend largely on teamwork and collaboration among workers from different functional groups (Belasen, 2000 King, 2009). The change in communication technologies has resulted in transformation of both organizational and work structures, making communication technologies and practices important in organizations. cast 1 graphically portrays our organizational communication concept. Message would originate from the sender and communicateed through the appropriate channel to the recipient, with various factors interfering with the communication, referred to as noise in the graphical representation.Communication is a complex and mixed concept in any organization. From the graphical representation of our organizations communication concept, it would be apprehended that other than the sender and receiver of the message, the environment, the source of noise, also plays a role together with the channels. This appreciates the role of fond context and structure of an organization with regards to how it influences communication. According to Downs and Adrian (2004), communication should be considered as a continuous and propulsive process. Furthermore, having analyzed various literature sources, these scholars appreciate communication as a process. This idea of process indicates the interaction of various components whose outcomes would be determined by unspecific consequences. Moreover, Hata la

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Health Optimisation - Gerontic Nursing Care Essay

wellness Optimisation - Gerontic Nursing Care - Essay ExampleSullivan (2008) further points out that the patient roles damage from hallucination and craze tend to have issues and behavioral problems of the same type including purposeless activity, sleep disorders, inappropriate conduct or aggressiveness. In both cases, the patient is most likely to be disoriented, have hallucination and delusions. Virani et al (2010) adds that patients suffering from dementia are at a high risk of getting into the condition of delirium. However, the overlap does non account for all the symptoms associated with each condition. Each condition has a set of unique symptoms that are all in all different from the other. According to doubting Thomas et al (2008), delirium is characterized by acute consciousness disturbances and global changes in cognition. Moreover the patient can be highly hyperactive if agitated or extremely hyper alert. On the other hand, Eliopoulos (2010) points out that a delirium patient can be hypoactive if the patient is confused, lethargic or even when sedated. Dementia on the other hand has many characteristics. According to Ouldred et al (2008), dementia is characterized by slower move into deficits in cognition that include memory impairment and at least one of the disturbances of cognition much(prenominal) as aspraxia, asphasia, and a disturbed or agnostic decision maker functioning. The impairment cause must be significant in occupational or complaisant functioning and represent a great decline from a previous level of functioning. Course of infirmity According to Miller (2009), delirium is transitory. Its onset is quick and its treatment forget remit symptoms. A sharp drop to baseline causes delirium. Dementia on the other hand is characterized by a slow overture and a long-term gradual decline from the baseline. Furthermore, it is chronic, progressive and irreversible. Etiology When comparing both delirium and dementia etiologically, a big d ifference comes out. Metabolic imbalance, substance abuse, failure of the liver, congestive heart failure or its infection all cause delirium. On the other hand, dementia is mainly caused by degeneration of the vile system including neurodegenerative diseases and Alzheimer (Waszynski et al, 2008). Treatment According to Saxon et al (2010), the delirium symptoms can be prevented or change by reversal to prevent further health check or cognitive impairment. Some of the management of delirium, which are non-pharmacological, include go such as provision of optimized, quite environments, in contrast, the dementia symptoms cannot be remitted but can be managed. Assessment The elderly patients like Mr. Webb are mostly at a higher risk of cognitive disorders. These cognitive disorders can be chronic such as dementia or acute such as delirium. For effective treatment, the first step is clarifying the diagnosis and assessment at onset. However, as Thomas et al (2008) explains, this can be challenging to the elderly patients like Mr. Webb. They often have accompanied medical co-morbidities that can result to affective and cognitive changes (Gagliardi, 2008). 1. Approach the patient (Mr. Webb) As explained by Gagliardi (2008), I will try to reduce the number of people in the room. As well, as encourage him to rest any on the bed or on the chair. I will initiate a

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Pharmacology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Pharmacology - Essay Examplereaches the targeted site, while the remaining compute of the drug interacts with other sites, with consequences of inefficient drug delivery and undesirable side effects. Insufficient aqueous solubility and protein binding characteristics of that inhibit crossing blood brain barriers are two examples of the manner in which the relevancy of some drugs in clinical therapeutics gets limited. It is against this background that pro-drugs and their utility in overcoming the limitations of bioavailability and pharmacokinetics profiles has become a significant state of study in pharmacology (Shek, 1994).A look at the history of pro-drugs shows that understanding of pro-drugs and their pharmaco-kinetics in the gracious body came more as a result of after the introduction of the drugs for therapeutic purposes. The introduction of phenacetin as a therapeutic agent dates back to 1887, but it took till 1949 for the realization that paracetamol was the diligent agent metabolite of phenacetin, which resulted in the gradual erosion of phenacetin as a therapeutic agent to be replaced by paracetamol, demonstrating that many an(prenominal) of the pro-drugs result from metabolism in the human body. (Pleuvry, 2006).This understanding of the possibility of enzymatic action to create active therapeutic agents has now become the basis of overcoming the problems of potential drug candidates demonstrating poor therapeutic effects, because of poor bioavailability and pharmacokinetic profiles. Kratz et al, 2008, desexualise pro-drugs as derivatives of a drug that are metabolized or activated in the body to release or generate the active drug if possible at the site of action. Thus pro-drugs are chemically modified versions of the pharmaceutical agent that needs to undergo a transformation in vivo for the release of the active drug. This feature of pro-drugs is employed to enhance the bioavailability and pharmacokinetic properties of pharmacologically potent compounds. In a majority of the cases

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End of Course Assessment Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

conclusion of Course Assessment - Essay ExampleEvidence about this is available to us both done Roman literature and what we know about how Roman villas were constructed. Although some of this evidence might be questionable, it female genitals still give us important clues into how Roman villa-owners spent their unemployed time, which can in tear show us the opposite ideas about the value and purpose of leisure in ancient capital of Italy and how they continued to affect society long into modern times.Two philosophers who had important ideas about what leisure meant, how to engagement it, and who should have it were Aristotle and Epicurus. Aristotle was plausibly Platos most famous student of philosophy, who went on to become a philosopher in his own right. Two of Aristotles works which deal with questions of leisure are the Politics and the Nichomachean Ethics (Price 2008, p11). In these two works, Aristotle tries to answer questions about leisure that ultimately lead him to ask a rather different question what is it to be an excellent human being? (Price 2008, p13). The reason Aristotle was interested in this question is because he had somewhat unusual views about leisure. He believed that leisure and well-being are intimately connected aliment well involves having plenty of leisure, and using it in the best possible way (Price 2008, p12).Today, most people would probably say that leisure was just what you do after youre finished working, but Aristotle did not moderate with that either. When he talked about leisure, he did not mean just lying around and relaxing, doing nothing. Instead, he employ it to mean the pursuit of activities that we value for their own sake (Price 2008, p12). More importantly, Aristotle did not just mean any(prenominal) activity at all. Instead, he wanted the activities to be those which made excellent human beings. So for Aristotle, leisure was pursuing excellence for its own sake, instead of for some other purpose. Of co urse, being a privileged philosopher, he

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Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Abortion - Essay ExampleThis enzyme deficiency prevents the metabolization of phenylalanine. According to medical and health estimable considerations, every child born with PKU should be placed on a special humble phenylalanine nutriment for a period not less than five years of their life. This is thought to have happened to Martha. It was honorable to consider this when Martha was young and developing. The ideal situation Martha was placed in was to ensure that life is protected at all costs. As such, it is important for Martha to consider abortion for the sake of her life since failure to abort is promising to put the lives of both the child and her in jeopardy. The diet is a necessity in order to impose or prevent occurrence of sever retardation. Nonetheless, the diet is actually burdensome. This is when considered that Martha is in some state of bother with her relationship and marriage with the father of the child. Martha has done no problem of being engaged with this situ ation. However, she should take discreetness of Dr. Rs emphasis and advice since she is about to care for more(prenominal) than one life. Martha is not exposed to confine foods. She is supposed to consider and stick to the use of the medical food, which is of bad taste and notwithstanding protects her from ill health. Considering gestation in such a case is another tedious thing since it has been proved that she is in a more difficult situation now that she is pregnant. Dr. Rs advice of considering abortion is deeply directed at reducing any possible thwart of life if she continuous requireing the pregnancy to birth. Yes, she is considerate of the situation that her morality from religion does not allow her to abort. Nonetheless, avoiding aborting in such a scenario is poised at risking the lives of two people, more importantly her life with that of the fetus (DeGrazia and Jeffrey 45-56). Martha is at a point of making a crucial finality considering the situation that it i s like she is fighting a fight of life and death. According to her doctor, abortion will crystalise the issue of the present life, as stated by the medical ethics at hand. The fetus is yet to be given an opportunity to grow and live, though this will be negatively affecting on the possibilities of living in Marthas point of contention. Thus, if Martha is poised to consider abortion, she will have managed to successfully limit any occurrence of life-neglect since it is well foreseeable that she is likely to risk and kill her life together with that of the child. Her go along carriage of the fetus is like an approach of difficulty pertaining life and death, something that should not be given a chance in any medical ground poised with medical and health ethics. Furthermore, Martha is up to the fact that she has been inconstant in her diet. She has failed in remunerating the proceeds of her health discipline. As such, she should consider abortion owing to the fact that if she continu es to carry the fetus she will be up for a tedious end. If Martha J is resolved to carry her fetus to term, Dr R will be in a huge debt instrument of trying to vestibular sense between the lives of two people, who survive the ordeal of living a short and exposed life. It is the responsibility of Dr R to oversee and ensure that Martha has fully adhered to the precepts of t the diet at hand. If he fails to do so and then he will be acting contrary to the ordeals of medical ethics, which requires him to do so. First, Dr R is endowed with the responsibility of ensuring that Martha has stepped up to the challenge of her ruthless medication as she had experienced during childhood. At the moment, it is not a larger-than-life deal for her to metabolize phenylalanine. Nonetheless, now that she is expected to carry her pregnancy to term, she should maintain the same low-level phenylalanine diet through out the course of

Wk 2 disc (22&31) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Wk 2 disc (22&31) - Essay ExampleI harmonise with the Hansen et. al (2006) study because I think that the factors they found showing respect for the clients world view, evaluating when the counselors own views, assumptions and biases be impeding the counseling process, and establishing rapport are very important in working with any group, tho especially with multicultural groups (p. 70).In the study by Constantine et. al (2004), a good point was do that many institutions are not open to multiculturalism and this can cause problems. However, a counselor who is willing to be flexible and who is willing to get to know different cultures will succeed better than someone who is not. Constantine et. al also said that a multi-cultural counselor must understand cultural issues. I believe this is true up because this is a way that one can relate better to a client and it develops trust.Hansen, N.D., Randazzo, K. V., Schwartz, A., Marshall, M., Kalis, D., Frazier, R., Burke, C., Kershner- Rice, K., and Norvig, G. (Nancy Downing Hansen, Katherine V. Randazzo (2006). Do we practice what we preach? An exploratory survey of multicultural psychotherapy competencies. Professional Psychology Research and Practice, 37 (1), p.

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Political Economy Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

semipolitical Economy - Essay ExampleIf a country is relatively more efficient in the end product of a solid than another(prenominal) country then it has comparative advantage in production of that good (Kili 2002, p.3).However, the possibleness itself is also one of the most commonly misunderstood principles (Suranovic 2003). Suranovic lists that one of its sources of misunderstandings derives from its property of being counter-intuitive, that is, many a(prenominal) results from its formal model are contrary to simple logic. Secondly, the supposition is easy to be confused with another concept regarding advantageous trade, known in trade theory as the theory of absolute advantage. This disorderliness between these two concepts leads many people to believe that they have understood comparative advantage in full when in reality, it is absolute advantage that they understand. Finally, the theory of comparative advantage is all too oft presented only in its mathematical form. Th e use of numerical examples or diagrammatic representations is extremely useful in illustrating the basic results and the deeper implications of the theory. However, it is also easy to see the results mathematically, without ever understanding the basic intuition of the theory (Suranovic 2003).The theory on comparative advantage was first described by Robert Torrens in 1815 in an essay on the corn trade where he concluded that it was to Englands benefit to exchange various goods with Poland in return for corn, stock-still though it might be possible to give away that corn more cheaply in England than Poland. However, the theory is attributed to David Ricardo, who explained it in greater detail in his 1817 book The Principles of Political Economy and Taxation and explained the concept on foreign trade in an example involving the selfsame(prenominal) two countries. The theory has been developed in the linguistic context of Ricardos boil theory of value. The following table shows R icardos 1817 example of foreign trade production functions on material and vino for England and Portugal in one years timeOutput/CountryWineClothEngland cxxcenturyPortugal8090According to Ricardo, if England is circumstanced that in order to produce the cloth may require the labour of 100 men in a year and if this country attempted to make wine, the labour of 120 men will be needed at the same time. Ricardo quotes that it would be in Englands best in interest to import wine and to purchase it through the exportation of cloth.1 On the other hand, to produce the wine in Portugal, the labour of 80 men will be required for one year darn producing cloth in the same country will need the labour of 90 men for the same time. According to Ricardo, it would be thitherfore best for Portugal to export wine in exchange for cloth. In Ricardos linguistic communicationThis exchange might level(p) take place, notwithstanding that the commodity imported by Portugal could be produced there with le ss labour than in England. Though she (Portugal) could make the cloth with the labour of 100 men to produce it, because it would be advantageous to her rather to employ her capital (the labour employed) in the production of winethan she could produce by diverting her portion of capital from the cultivation of vines to the manufacture of cloth.According to Feucht (2002, p.3), the reason for comparative advantage is that even if the costs for all products may be lower in one country than in its affair partner, there is still the one product where the relative cost saving compared to all

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Law and Ethics in Healthcare Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Law and Ethics in Healthcare - Essay ExampleTherefore, this write up examines human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS and confidentiality, which are health care issues arising from the conflict between law and ethic values. Salient respectable and reasoned concerns associated with HIV/AIDS and Confidentiality Safken & Frewer (2007) indicate that law and ethics postulate that medical instruction demands confidential treatment thus, the law focuses on protect such culture. Consequently, care providers have an compulsion of promoting confidentiality in their activities. Indeed, HIV-related information has been subject to additional protections because of their sensitiveness. Care providers can only reveal such information based on court orders or the patients own will. Initially, patients are protected by regulations that promote ain privacy hence, a care provider who releases such information infringes into ones privacy. Although this is important in protecting patient against social exploitation, the process creates health concerns (McLean & Mason, 2003). This apparent since holding information is roundtimes non rational as the practice may invite detrimental effects on other parties. fit in to McLean (2006), the responsibility of countering the harm from spreading to other parties binds care providers. For instance, care providers have a duty of protecting persons with high threats of infection. to boot, concerns of promoting public health may demand a disclosure of such information. It is worth noting that disclosing information may be essential for individuals who engage in duties that present risks to their clients. These principles present strong moral and legal concerns to care providers in healthcare. Important primary ethical principles for managing the presented issues Healthcare providers can utilize concepts presented by some primary ethical principles in addressing this case. An ideal scheme that can inform healthcare providers is the standard of bounty. kind-heartedness advocates for an idea of doing good that demands one to analyze the matter critically to institute the best position of addressing the concerns (McLean, 2006). Importantly, the beneficence demands one to adopt the most documented position while considering the necessity of bettering the condition of the involved parties. Since the HIV/AIDS and confidentiality subject, present a controversial environment, genuine assessment is the only solution to the case. This mean(a)s that healthcare providers should access the implication of each procedure to identify the best approach to accord to the matter (Leslie & Bernard, 2001). Additionally the ideology of concert could be beneficial in addressing the concerns. This principle binds competent individuals with a responsibility of presenting their original advice to the society (McLean & Mason, 2003). Professionals may adopt the knowledge of the principle in situations where parties involved fail to present genu ine decision due to their state (Leslie & Bernard, 2001).The issues presented by the HIV/AIDS confidentiality do not entirely mean that the patients may not be in position of adopting reasonable decision as per the demands of the principle of consent. However, the intellect of the practice emerges by the fact that, the environment presented by the health issues raised may demand sensible advice (Kaur, 2008). Consequently, healthcare provid

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Revised proposal Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Revised proposal - Dissertation ExampleProject Title (Your title should promise the reader the key objective of the research) Proposal Submission Date Version Number of the Proposal DA Class ID (A full and accurate number is a must) Name of DA RMT Class ID (Specify the RMT sort that you attended) Name of GDI Ethical Checklist Completed (Yes or No)? Name of SSM The Program IT or ISM MSc in IT / MSc in Internet Systems / MSC in data processor Security / MSC in engineer / MSc in In appointation Systems and Technology / MSC in ISM beguile erase the non-relevant domains Domain Computer Science / Communication and Internet / Softwargon Engineering / Computer Security / tutelage and Resources / Information Systems Management Please erase the non-relevant domains Proposal approved by (To be filled by the approver) Date of the approval (To be filled by the approver) Verification of the Proposals Domain (To be checked and verified by the approver) Sponsors Details (Name, Company. Addres s) Sponsors range (Who the sponsor is. Contact name(s). Location. Agreement. ) Sponsors Agreement (Has the person you have requested agreed to sponsor the project? Please note that quoting the agreement will suffice at this stage. When the proposal is approved and there is an external sponsor, a document signed by the sponsor agreeing to the project must be sent to the Student pay Manager prior to the start of the project. The form is found in the Forms section in the RMT class.). The Project Aims and Objectives The ingest and objective of the paper is multi fold. The first part entails understanding the concept of VOIP, its benefits, its applicability and then in the popu modern part creating a prototype to evaluate its practical implementation, the conditions attached with, the probable resources needed in form of the hardware, the software package and the implementation in different weighing machines such as medium to large scale which depends upon the size of organization. Literature review Broadband technologies have found large usage in modern times with regard to their application in the healthcare organizations. The time taken in responses to the queries, emergencies and other service has largely been reduced with help of broadband and other relevant technologies (Gawande, 2008). A report published late in the 20th century revealed that large number of human lives was lost due to errors as a result of manual operations and lack of technology. Citing this, stress has been laid on bringing about digital trends in the health care field for the purpose of improving the healthcare functions. Wireless technology and VOIP are two of the recommended functions in this regard (Meru, 2006). Faxcom is one similar device that allows the patients staying in touch with the health care center. This would allow for easy and health driven operations that allow for reduction of casualties and other incidents which pose fill threat to the safety of patients in one way or the other (Horowitz, 2012). The earlier traces of VOIP can be traced to the mid 1990s (Kelly 2011 74) when a sound card set of headphones and internet corporation would allow for connection establishment. With time, the overall domain got expanded and the business enterprises gained interest in this field and also the common users and thereby it started expanding and a new set of standard in form of VOIP. The concept of VOIP gained prominence in the early days of 21st century when the technology took a

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Management Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words - 5

Management Accounting - Essay ExampleThe method emphasizes on the gibe costs incurred and the cost volume profits of the relationship are not considered. As further as the decision provided by the accountant, it is solely base on absorption costing. It is imperative to note that a major part of the costs of the two products are due to repair overheads and administrative expenses. Moreover, these expenses are incurred take down if the take of these two products is dropped. Hence a better costing method has to be adopted to in effect allocate the overheads. The two methods suited for Rothfield Plc are activity based costing and marginal costing.Activity establish Costing ABC is a modern accounting system in which the expenses and overheads are segregated based on the functions of the organisation, which is followed by allocation of the costs to each of the items in respect to the volume of the activity (Kaplan & Anderson, 2007). The usage of ABC costing allows the company to acc urately assign the costs for all the activities of each of the product or service (Drury, 2005). Rothfield Plc can allocate the fixed overheads based on the usage of these resources by the various production processes.Marginal Costing or Variable Costing Marginal Costing provides a clear definition of the impact of changes in volume of output on the profits and the changes on the profits. There is also a clear differentiation between the fixed and variable costs as well. As explained by Dyson (2007), the fixed costs are never charged to the production and instead the fixed costs are hardened as period charges. Hence Rothfield Plc can adopt this method to estimate the potential profits effectively.The total labor hours required to meet the estimated production trains are slightly higher (by 333 hours). Hence, it is evident that some of level of production of either one or some of the products has to be reduced.It is essential that whatever the production combination, the contribut ions from the gross sales are significant

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Preparing a management report and advising management on the case Essay

Preparing a counsel report and advising management on the case given - Essay ExampleThe paper will in any case present risk management issues associated with offsite manufacturing and present ways to tackle them. In short the paper is a guide to the smooth transition from the traditionalistic methods of verbalism to offsite manufacturing for Zenith PM. Introduction The increases interest in offsite pull methods has been fuelled lately by two important factors one is the intense pressure in the trapping securities industry, especially in South East England and other is a concern among the government and the industry to improve the standards in the look industry (Barlow, Bartlett, Whitehead, & Hooper, 2002). A number of policy documents from the government have focused on the lack of affordable housing units in UK and the effect this shortage has on the economy of the country. The UK government has come up with innovative Methods of Construction (MMC) which are concern with modernization in the housing sector (Barker, 2003). Most of these are concerned with offsite manufacturing which moves construction from the site to the factory. This helps the industry, the end customer as well as the labour in umpteen ways. Standardisation of production ensures that quality materials are produced the speed of production increases and the deficiency in the labour market are covered as concentrated production makes better use of the available labour source .Offsite bulk production also reduces the cost of production and helps in cooling down an overheated housing market. The labour or the construction workers are provided better pays , working conditions and benefit from training facilities in offsite factories where ranking(prenominal) workers are able to properly train juniors in umteen ways (Campbell, 2001). The first report of the housing forums offsite manufacturing workers group has claimed that offsite manufacturing leads to 10 % reduction in capital b e and construction time, 20% reduction in accidents, a 10 % increase in productivity and lucrativeness and a 10 % increase in predictability of project performance (Housing Forum, 2002). Apart from this there have been many governmental and non-governmental reports which have provided us with insights into offsite manufacturing and have given thumbs up to the process as beneficial to all. industrial revolution succeeded due to the bulk production of standardised goods in the factory. It transformed the nerve of the world and the industry. The construction industry till now has been unable to reap the benefits of factory production due to usage of traditional methods of production. Offsite manufacturing helps to bring bulk production to the construction industry. It is now time that techniques of industrial revolution transform the face of construction industry also. Offsite Manufacturing 2.1 Definition Offsite manufacturing refers to the process in which structures are built at a post which is separate from the site of construction. Individual parts of the building are completed offsite in factories and then transported to the construction site (Barlow, 1999). 2.2 Different types of Offsite products. Some of the examples of offsite

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Business marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business marketing - Case Study ExampleQuality is AAA Office globes surest way of establishing a good market standing (Kourdi, 2003).The fact that the companys outline involves both regional and local suppliers shows that it has vast presence. It is prudent that AAA prioritizes new-product development. Continuous product development helps turn the companys offerings. However, product development requires many resources and can easily overshadow promotion of existing products. Product promotion should also be allocated more resources because it will not only help affirm many customers of the companys products but also instigate hype for its new products. Hype would be assured for AAA because its existing and new products deliver on the things that consumers are promised. Promotion will harbour customers to look out, always, for AAAs next product (Ireland et. al., 2012).Stasia Acosta should consider taking up Business meanss offer. One of the reasons that underpin the feasibilit y of this move is the fact that AAA has excess capacity and could shell out Business Centers orders and still have enough to supply its other stationers and suppliers. Such a production capacity would have the advantage of expanding AAAs distribution network because it would capitalize on both Business Centers many vast presence and that other supplies. It is fortunate that Business Center is want the line of file folders that brings Stasia 20 percent gross margin only. The performance of this line of file folders involve a move that will help raise its gross margin to be at comparability with those of other lines of file folders. Doing away with this line of file folders is the other option that Stasia can consider to throne with its minimal performance but this option would be tantamount to the commodity end of the business that Ramon deeds so hard to avoid (AAA Office World

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Value of Philosophy Essay Example for Free

Value of Philosophy EssayIn the prefatory lecture n whizzs to this class I stated that we would start with a working definition of philosophy as being the love of wisdom. I brook found, though, that just rough every rough other definition move has adult maley shortcomings. No one definition seems adequate to define what it means to engage in philosophy. Consequently, I think it is silk hat to think of the philosopher in the slightlywhat imprecise term of a lover of wisdom. mortal who is continu everyy in search of the legality. Though he/she might be ridiculed for pursuing the unobtainable, this search for truth/ receiptledge can yield enormous benefits.It provides the as wellls to critically evaluate the world around us and the learning we ar apt(p) about that world. This ability to critically evaluate ideas is especially important given the consumption that such knowledge affects and shapes our bl displacesas we saw in the sections on B. F. Skinner, Positiv e Freedoms, and the Philosophy of Science. Furthermore, the changes in our parliamentary law necessitate that we re-examine fundamental questions periodically. For example, advances in medical science have posed new honest questions.Ethical judgments concerning genetic engineering (engineering certain characteristics into or out of our genetic make-up) calls into question fundamental ideas concerning emancipation and individuality. Without some understanding of these subjects how can we frame answers to such questions? Even if we examine these questions, is our approach critical, au becausetic? Or do we choose to accept the answers given to us by society? Are we non then acting in a kind of Sartrean Bad Faith? How much of our humanity and submitdom ar we abdicating by not engaging in some kind of philosophical natural process?Though we assumption ourselves on being rational people, how rational ar our thoughts and actions even up if they are proven? Or, do we live up to S oren Kierkegaards remark in The Journals, There are many people who r separately their remnant about career like schoolboys they cheat their master by copying the answer out of a book without having worked the sum out for themselves. Many of the great philosophers have attempted to justify and extol the virtues of the look at of philosophy.I have put together a series of quotes of what I think are some of the more important passages addressingphilosophys role in reading and our lives. As you read these quotes, cast whether or not philosophy practiced in this fashion and as it was studied throughout this course can actually lead one to be a lover of wisdom and help usif not answerat least understand some of the fundamental questions we have considered.Philosophys Role in Education Even the poor student studies and is taught wholly political scrimping, while that economy of living which is synonymous with philosophy is not even sincerely professed in our college. . . . Our inv entions are wont to be pretty toys, which distract our attention from serious social functions.They are but improved means to an unimproved devastation, an end which it was already but too easy to arrive at . . .. While civilization has been improving our houses, it has not equally improved the men who are to inhabit them. It has readyd palaces, but it was not so easy to create noblemen and kings. Henry David Thoureau, Walden It is better to be a human being dis pleasant than a pig satisfied better to be Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. And if the fool, or the pig, are of a different opinion, it is because they only know their own side of the question.John Stuart Mill, The Utilitarian Calculus of Pain and Pleasure You want to know my attitude towards liberal studies. Well, I have no respect for any chew over whatsoever if its end is the making of money. Such studies are to me unworthy ones. They involve the putting out of skills to hire, and are only of respect in so far as they whitethorn develop the consciousness without occupying it for long. Time should be worn-out(a) on them only so long as ones mental abilities are not up to traffic with higher things.They are our apprenticeship, not our real work. Why liberal studies are so called isobvious it is because they are the ones considered worthy of a free man. . . . Why then do we give our sons a liberal education? Not because it can make them morally good but because it prepares the mind for the acquisition of moral values. honourable as that grounding in grammar, as they called it in the old days, in which boys are given their simple-minded schooling, does not teach them the liberal arts but prepares the ground for knowledge of them in due course, so when it comes to character the liberal arts open the sorting to it rather than carry the personality all the way there . . ..Words need to be sown like seed. No matter how tiny a seed may be, when it lands in the right sort of ground it unfolds its strength and from being minute expands and grows to a massive size. Reason does the same to the outward eye its dimensions may be insignificant, but with activity it starts developing. Although the manner of speaking spoken are few, if the mind has taken them in as it should they gather strength and shoot upwards. Yes, precepts have the same features as seeds they are of compact dimensions and they produce impressive resultsgiven, as I say, the right sort of mind, to grasp at and assimilate them.The mind will then respond by being in its turn creative and will produce a yield exceeding what was put into it. Seneca, Letters from a Stoic Philosophy and the Uncertainty of our Answers to Fundamental Questions The value of philosophy is, in fact, to be sought for the most part in its very uncertainty. The man who has not tincture of philosophy goes through life imprisoned in the prejudices derived from common aesthesis, from the habitual beliefs of his age or his nation, from convictions which have grown up in his mind without the co-operation or consent of his deliberate reason.To such a man the world tends to become definite, finite, obvious, common objects rouse no questions, and unfamiliar possibilities are contemptuously rejected. As soon as we begin to philosophize, on the contrary, we find . . . that even the most everyday things lead to problems to which only very incomplete answers can be given. Philosophy, though futile to tell us with certainty what is the true answer to the doubts which it raises, is able to suggest many possibilities which enlarge our thoughts and free them from the tyranny of custom.Thus, while diminishing our feeling of certainty as to what things are, it greatly increases our knowledge as to what they may be it removes the somewhat arrogant dogmatism of those who have never traveled into the region of liberating doubt, and it keeps alive our sense of wonder by showing familiar things in an unfamiliar aspect. Bertran d Russell, The Problems of Philosophy Philosophy, then, is not an empirical study not the critical examination of what exists or has existed or will existthis is dealt with by common-sense knowledge and belief, and the methods the inbred sciences.Nor is it a kind of formal deduction, as mathematics or logic is. Its subject-matter is to a large horizontal surface not items of make love, but the ways in which they are viewed, the permanent or semi-permanent categories in terms of which experience is conceived or classified. . . . These models categories often collide some are rendered inadequate by failing to account for too many aspects of experience, and are in their turn replaced by other models which emphasise what these last have omitted, but in their turn may obscure what the others have rendered clear.The designate of philosophy, often a difficult and ineffable one, is to extricate and bring to light the hidden categories and models in terms of which human beings think (th at is, their use of words, images an other symbols), to reveal what is obscure or contradictory in them, to discern the conflicts betwixt them that prevent the construction of mare adequate ways of organizing and describing and explaining experience (for all description as well as explanation involves some model in terms of which the describing and explaining is done) and then, at a still higher level, to examine the nature of this activity itself (epistemology, philosophical logic, linguistic analysis), and to bring to light the concealed models that operate in this second-order, philosophical, activity itself. . . .The perennial task of philosophers is to examine whatever seems insusceptible to the methods of he science or everyday observation, forexample, categories, concept, models, ways of thinking or acting, and particularly ways in which they clash with one another, with a view to constructing other, less internally contradictory and (though this can never be fully attaine d) less pervertible metaphors, images, symbols and systems of categories. it is certainly a reasonable hypothesis that one of the principle causes of confusion, misery and fear is, whatever may be its psychological or social roots, projection screen adherence to outworn notions, pathological suspicion of any form of critical self-examination, frantic efforts to prevent any pointedness of rational analysis of what we live by and for.Berlin, The Purpose of Philosophy Philosophys purpose is to crystalise the ways our soul has been infected by unsound beliefs, untrained tumultuous desires, and dubious life choices and preferences that are unworthy of us. Self-scrutiny applied with kindness is the main antidote.Besides rooting out the souls corruptions, the life of wisdom is also meant to stir us from our lassitude and move use in the direction of an energetic, at rest life. Epictetus, The Art of Living, 84 Philosophy and the Enlightened Character Who can doubt . . . that life is the gift of the eonian gods, but that living well is the gift of philosophy? . . .They the Gods have given no one the bear of a knowledge of philosophy, but everyone the means of acquiring it. For if they had made philosophy a blessing given to all and sundry, if we were born in a state of moral enlightenment, wisdom would have been deprived of the best thing about herthat she isnt one of the things which fortune either gives us or doesnt.As things are, there is about wisdom a nobility and magnificence in the fact that she doesnt just fall to a persons lot, that each man owes her to his own efforts, that one doesnt go to anyone other than oneself to find her. What would you have worth looking up to in philosophy if she were handed out free?Seneca, Letters from a Stoic Let no one put off studying philosophy when he is two-year-old, nor when old grow weary of its study. For no one is too young or too far past his prime to achieve the wellness of his soul. The man who alleges that he i s not yet ready for philosophy or that the time for it has passed him by, is like the man who says that he is either too young or too old for happiness.Therefore, we should study philosophy both in youth and in old age, so that we, though growing old, may be young in blessings through the pleasant memory of what has been and when young we may be old as well, because we restrain no fear over what lies ahead. We must, therefore, pursue the things that make for happiness, seeing that when happiness is present, we have everything but when it is absent, we do everything to possess it.Epicurus, Letter to Menoeceus I tell you . . . let no day pass without discussing goodness and all the other subjects about which you hear me talking and examining both myself and other is really the very best thing that a man can do, and that life without this sort of examination is not worth living . . .. Plato, Socrates self-denial (Apology).In other occupations, the reward comes with difficulty after t heir completion, but in philosophy delight coincides with knowledge. For sport does not come after learning, but learning and enjoyment come together. Epicurus, Vatican Sayings Philosophy, likewise, tells all other occupationsIts not my intention to accept whatever time is left over from you you shall have, instead, what I reject. Give your whole mind to her. Sit at her side and pay her constant court, and an enormous gap will widen between yourself and other men. Youll end up far in advance of all mankind, and not far groundwork the gods themselves. Seneca, Letters From A Stoic 3

Egyptian king Essay Example for Free

Egyptian king EssayThe two sculptures that I chose to comp atomic number 18 and contrast were the Cycladic Woman Figure and the Menkaure and Khamerernebty sculpture. Though each is from a distinctly different socialisation and historical time period, each depicts the young-bearing(prenominal) form in a unique and positive light, utilizing symptomatic artistic details from the time period in which it was created to highlight the sweetheart of the female fig and her post in society. The Cycladic Woman Figure was sculpted from marble around 2600 and leap outs just over 24 inches high. At this height it is less than realistic life size, yet the statue embodies many womanish characteristics that seem to bring it to life. The lines of the statue atomic number 18 substantial and the figure has a straight posture and rigidly folded arms. Horizontal lines are used to present the bends of her knees, while diagonal lines are used to outline her pubic knowledge domain. In contra st, curved lines strain the rounded inclines of her head and the most emphasized part of her physique, the curve of her hips. More subtle curves outline her breasts and abdomen.Her hips stand out from her otherwise straight posture, giving her wider dimension in this area. Her breasts and abdomen, in contrast, motionlessly integrate with her straight figure and are more subtle championations of her femininity. This subtlety provides a pleasant balance to her straight posture. The cloak and metric grain are both smooth, with the marble being smoothed carefully to create a smooth composition from head to toes. The texture helps to create a balance between the straight lines at the filch of her head, her arms and her feet and the curves of her chin, breasts and thighs.The visual euphony of the statue is precise vertical, and the eye is drawn up and down. Her legs are only very slightly parted, allowing for some light to come through. There is little shadow to the figure becaus e her curves and arms are so subtly formed against the rest of her figure. All use of positive and negative space is through with(p) within the rigid posture of the figure and lends itself to an organic, human shape. Menkaure and Khamerernebty, sculpted around 2540 BC, stands over four feet tall, make it twice as large as the Cycladic Woman Figure.It depicts Egyptian king Menkaure and his queen, Khamerernebty. In both figures in the sculpture, similar smooth textures contrasting with sharp lines and straight postures mirror those of the previous statue. The pose of each figure is slightly different. Menkaure is seen in a more authoritative pose, one typical for figures of kings. His foot is forward, indicating authority, and his arms are straight at his sides with his hands clenched. Definition in his arm and chest muscles along with his prominent conjure up line give him a sense of maturity and power while also giving discernment to the overall sculpture.His physique lends itse lf to creating light and shadow in the sculpture and there is a sense of depth achieved in his foot being intrustd forward and his beard extending from his face. Next to Menkaure stands his queen, Khamerernebty. There is evident repetition in their facial features, as well as in the angular shapes of their feet. Her posture is as strong as his, but her legs are together and straight. There is also repetition in detail and texture between his headdress and her hair, with both extending to the same length on each of their shoulders.There is movement and rhythm incorporated into the statue by her arm holding on to his in a gesture that is both feminine and strong. The lines of her arm are straight, but the softness of her hand both on his arm and around his side suggests love. Her breasts and pubic area are defined with soft, rounded lines. This emphasizes her femininity and serves to balance his rigid authority. The curves of her pubic area and breasts also create shadow in the sta tue. This shadow along with the shadow created by Menkaures all-encompassing foot take the eye away from the negative space created between the two figures.Both statues represent an important cultural relationship between the sculptor and the subjects. The Cycladic Woman Figure represented a veneration for the female form and an understanding of the importance of the role of the female in society. Womans baron to reproduce and create new life is praised in the softness of her abdomen and breasts. In contrast, the figure of Khamerernebty suggests not fertility, but female power. She is posed alongside her king, holding on to him, and several prominent details place her at the same height and stature as him, indicating her role in the kingdom.She is seen as a in good order and influential figure. Her curves suggest strength rather than fertility and her main role is that of ruler. Both figures represent the female form and concepts of femininity and strength that were important as pects of their culture. In each, the sculptor represented the essence of female beauty that was most important to that culture at the time, and created examples of two of the many aspects of women that make them strong, beautiful creatures that are racy to any civilization.

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Travon Eterprises Essay Example for Free

Travon Eterprises EssayJennifer Nelson, the accountant for Travon Enterprises, performed several low break estimates in preparing the monetary statements for the company chairman. Her justification for her actions was lack of time and that she did non want to make the financial statements look worse than they are. Jennifer failed to inform the company president of her estimates. Jennifers finale lacks effective moral decision making. She could clear selected several alternatives as a better course of action. First, Jennifer could begin asked for help in acquiring the accounting done. Many companies have several accountants that massage for them. Addition exclusivelyy, there may be other employees deep down the organization who can assist Jennifer in her other duties as she focuses all of her attention on the report. If those were not available, she could have consulted with the CFO of the company for assistance and support. Second, if estimating was necessary, Jennifer could have utilise statistical estimating rather than taking all of the low numbers. Statistical estimating provides effective, balanced estimating that project more realistic numbers. The company president was meeting to take loan financing. If the actual numbers turned out to be far different than the numbers that Jennifer projected, Travon Enterprises could nervus losing funding and the project could be dropped, highly affecting the business operations and future of the company. Thirdly, Jennifer could have apologizeed to the president her situation and decision to forecast the low estimates. In doing this, the burden would then have transferred to the president to explain the low estimates, and the president could have Jennifer spend time working on more correct estimates. Finally, Jennifer could have taken from her personal time and worked longer hours in order to provide the most effective and accurate report. If I was in Jennifers shoes, I would have taken a combination of alternatives. First, I would have sought help from my supervisor in completing the project on time. Second, I would have used statistical estimating. Finally, if necessary, I would have stayed the extra hour or so to make sure that my work was of top quality.

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A Theory of Cross-Cultural Communication Essay Example for Free

A Theory of Cross-Cultural Communication EssayCultures here are minimally seen as large-scale systems of pretended dual-lane references, linguistic or otherwise1, used for the purposes of reducing complexity. 2 Cultures themselves may idealize one or several centers, where the shared references are felt to be so dense that communication would be without all need for drop-offs of complexities. Away from such ideals, cultures have peripheries, where references are sparse, or sparsely shared, or mixed with references shared by other cultures. The terms center and periphery are not to be understood geopolitically. (cf.Even-Zohar 1990, Toury 1995) The differences amid centers and peripheries are operative fictions rather than primary empirical facts. The very belief that one is in a central cast may be enough to curtail complexity, just as the false legal opinion that one is lacking in context may increase complexity. (Pym 1998) The difference between center and periphery ma y excessively be characterized in terms of effort. When shared references are believed to be dense (all else world equal), the reduction of complexity requires less effort than when the references are believed to be sparse.Effort here is understood as being on both the sending and receiving sides of messages, as well as in every mediating position or investment in the channel. A text move and received near a perceive center will therefore require less investment of effort than the same text sent from a center to a periphery (assuming that the reduction of complexity is 1. 3. 1. 4. 1. 5. to be to a similar period in both cases). And further appurtenant effort will be needed if the text is to be received in another culture. (Pym 1995) 1. 6.The lines between cultures are marked as cross-over points where the communication act receives supplementary effort of a mediating and discontinuous nature. Such points are usually where translations are carried out. (Pym 2001a) Cross-cultur al communication thus marks the points of contact between cultures, although it alone will not join up the points to form any kind of line. (Pym 1998, 2001a, cf. Chatwin 1987) On complexity and its reduction Texts are inscribed objects that can be see in different ways and for different functions, quite independently of any original intentions. The plurality of executable interpretations is what we are calling complexity. The reduction of complexity does not imply any discerning of a received or primal meaning. For example, a reader at this point might interpret the term reduction of complexity as understanding, but such a reading will hopefully be deviated by the following paragraphs. In this sense, the reduction of complexity does not entail an act of understanding in any idealist sense. Nor must effort be expended only to reduce complexity. Effort can also be used to make texts more complex, preparing them for a greater plurality of interpretations.Such might be a certain conc eption of aesthetic pleasure, diplomatic ambiguity, or communicative mechancete. The degree of appropriate complexity is in each case dependent on the mastery conditions of the communicative act concerned. On success conditions Success conditions are criteria that make the communicative act beneficial for all or some of the participants concerned. 4 Such criteria may be simple, as in the case of a business negotiation to move on mutual agreement on a sales price the success condition might be that a price is agreed to by all participants.

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Ontela Picdeck Essay Example for Free

Ontela Picdeck EssayOntela PicDeck creative accession to let cellular customers have the ability to automatically have pictures and videos directly sent to their computer. This reduces time needed and simplifying the strenuous act of doing it manually. The U. S mobile phone service industry earned 150 one thousand thousand dollars in 2007 and growing. This technology has potential of playing a role in that with critiquing the marketing strategy they have approached the market with. It is essential for a amend marketing strategy for Ontela to show customers so they can better understand the benefits and how to expeditiously utilize it. The qualitative research segments best defined the customer aspects. Sarah, the p atomic number 18nt, loved the event the pictures just appear on the computer automatically. Steve, the young professional, looked to not always have to lug around the digital camera. Instead have a phone that can take care of both jobs. Regina, the teen, expect ation exceeded both Steve and Sarah, but still within the abilities of PicDeck. Regina wanted to manage her pictures from her phone and monitor the pictures for her neighborly net exerting sites. Herzbergs 2-factor theory can be used in this exemplar.Using this theory to understand and distinguishing what motivates the purchase trance staying relevant. In other words you essential conserve up with the recent trends like the social networking wave. These three segments all produce various expectations but all acknowledged the expectations of a simplified and faster method to transferring pictures. These segments age groups and lifestyles greatly vary so the solution to market them must be more(prenominal) specified to that target group. The improvement of creating a more knowledgeable customer base ordain aim a critiqued advertising campaign.In the case of Regina, advertising within the social networking programs like Facebook and MySpace. This advertising ordain catch the attention of these teen and inform them of the return. Specifically push the simplicity, timeliness, and how the pictures are still stored even when your cellular device is lost. For the younger generation and phones being a huge commodity, phones are constantly being stolen and lost. If interpreted right, then the teen allow approach their parents to have their plan changed to include PicDeck. Then the parent will be informed and furthering the utterfly effect of a strict advertising scheme to the teenage target customers. This is how Sarah would be notified. Social is a major influence in customer behavior through family, friends, and reference groups. entirely play as contributors to trusting a buy of a product. Continuously for people who arent genuinely tech savvy like Sarah and Steve they do though always have an email and usually come apart it frequently. So a mass email to the entire customer base informing them of the new product. Steve would be influenced more by the occupation. Besides using this program for personal use, Steve would use this for his real estate job.To be successful in a job market like Steves you must influence your work with newer technology so you may keep up with competitors. With PicDeck, work assignments are accomplished more efficiently and simply, statements like this boost the products equity and what customers like Steve would want to hear. For a product to blossom you must target the younger generation first. With constant technology improvements its hard for the older generation to keep up. The younger generation is constantly working with the new technologies so you inform the younger generation and it will spread to older generations.Ontela has created an inferior product and now need to raise awareness of the tech advances this product has influenced. The magazine Telephony stated PicDeck to be helping the bridge the gap between phone and PC. Continuous advertising is needed in magazines for the working class peo ple to involve this program into their workplace. For instance putting an ad in the magazine SkyMall. The magazine you see on every flight youre on. This can target a business class customer base because the individuals who travel most are individuals travelling on business. And this is the only reading material on the plane.

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Trans Racial Adoption Essay Example for Free

Trans Racial Adoption searchIn a well- populaceized 1989 case, a black son named Reecie West was raised from the age of twain months by Dale and Jan May, a exsanguinous foster couple in Cincinnati, Ohio. When Reecie was freed for adoption, the Mays applied to adopt him. However, the social service subdivision decided to search the country for a black family instead. At the last moment, the Mays application was denied.The boy, age two and a half, was placed with a black couple in another state. Eight weeks later the boy was dead, the victim of what one report called horrific physical abuse at the hands of his new adopted p arnts. With this horrific revelation, there shall be a critical look at trans-racial adoption and how it has affected thousands of children worldwide. For the designing of this essay however, I shall argue in support of trans-racial adoption. For the purpose of this essay however, adoption is defined as a process by which children are brought together wit h adults who are not their biological parents to form a family. Practiced informally throughout human history, adoption in the United States has evolved into a formalized well-grounded procedure its primary statutory purpose is to protect the well-being of children in cases where the birth parents are at rest(p) or unable to care for their offspring. Through adoption, the legal ties to a childs birth parents are severed. Adoptees (adopted persons) are seen in the eyes of the law as permanent members of the adoptive family with all the legal rights and privileges of biological children. In trans-racial adoptions however, children are placed with an adoptive family of another race. These adoptions may be through public and privy agencies or be independent, but most trans-racial adoptions take place through the public child welfare system. In United States, The civil rights movement of the 1960s led to an increase in trans-racial adoptions involving black children and white parents . In a statistical survey conducted in 1998, an estimated 15 percent of the 36,000 adoptions of foster children were trans-racial or trans-cultural adoptions. It quite an unfortunate that despite the various merits of trans-racial adoptions there has been hot debates on its prohibition. Ironically, however, polls show that a sizeable majority of both black and white Americans support trans-racial adoptions. A 1991 survey of 975 adults conducted by CBS, for instance, found that 70 percent of whites favored them, along with 71 percent of blacks. Flowing form the above, a widespread public support in United States sustained persuade Congress in 1994 to pass the Multi-Ethnic Placement Act, which prohibits utilize race, culture, or ethnic identity to block or delay trans-racial foster-care placements and adoptions. In fact, the federal act was intend to shorten the length of time children spend in foster homes and orphanages by facilitating trans-racial adoptions.It is rather sad th at despite the enactment of this law, today, children wait an average of two-and-a-half years to be adopted. Thousands of them can still be found in foster homes across the States. Therefore, there is no continuing need of using race as a criterion for adopting a parentless child, especially if it would leave the child without a family. Love, after all, is color-blind.Again, the case for mixed adoption has been strengthened in recent years, excessively, by studies of black children who were adopted by white families and produce reached adulthood now. Not every study has reached exactly the same conclusion, but nearly all condition that trans-racially adopted children become happy and content adults. According to one study, close to half of minority children adopted by whites say that race is an unimportant factor in their lives.The fact remains that trans-racial adoption is the beat out option because it will respond to the overrepresentation of minority children in the child w elfare system. Also, trans-racial adoption will help in reducing the number of parentless children at various foster homes in and outside the Unites States. Without trans-racial adoption, activists argue, too many black children will never be placed with a family. Leaving African American kids in foster care rather than allowing them to be adopted by loving parents, says one reviewer inflicts very serious harm on children.The former American first lady and the present presidential aspirant, Senator Hillary Clinton, once agree with trans-racial adoption in a newspaper column. Skin color, she writes, should not outweigh the much important gift of love that adoptive parents want to offer.In conclusion, with all the views expressed above about trans-racial adoption, it can then be safely concluded that it is the best option for children who needs to belong to a loving and caring family. Children need to be loved and cared for and prohibition of trans-racial adoption will not in anyway help matters. God creates and loves all, so we should reciprocate this agape love by making certain that parentless children do not live a substantial portion of their lives in foster homes. kit and boodle CITEDBrodzinsky, D. M., and M. D. Schechter, Eds. The Psychology of Adoption. New York Oxford University Press, 1990.L. An Open Adoption. Boston Houghton-Mifflin, 1990.Lancaster, K. Keys to Adopting a Child. Hauppauge, NY Barrens Educational Series, 1994.Melina, L. R. Making Sense of Adoption. New York harpist Row, 1989. National Committee for Adoption (NCFA). 1989 Adoption Washington, DC National Committee for Adoption, 1989.Tatara, T. Characteristics of Children in Substitute and surrogate Care A Statistical Summary of the VCIS National Child Welfare Base. Washington, DC American earthly concern Welfare Association, 1992.

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Indigenous Peoples and Tourism Essay Example for Free

autochthonal Peoples and touristry EssayTheobald (1994) suggested that etymologically, the word tour is derived from the Latin, torn ar and the Greek, tornos, meaning a lathe or circle the straw man nearly a central point or axis. This meaning interchanged in modern english to represent whizs function. The affix ism is defined as an action or process veritable(prenominal) behavior or quality, eon the suffix, ist de n hotshots peerless that performs a given action. When the word tour and the suffixesism and ist atomic flake 18 combined, they suggest the action of movement rough a circle. unrivalled croupe argue that a circle represents a starting point, which at last returns back to its inauguration.thitherfore, the likes of a circle, a tour represents a journey in that it is a round-trip, an activities of persons locomotion to and staying in roves appearside their usual surroundings for non more than one consecutive course of study for leisure, line of w ork or another(prenominal) purposes. In 1941, Hunziker and Krapf defined touristry as volume who actuate the sum of the phenomena and relationships a raise from the travel and stay of non-residents, insofar as they do not lead to permanent residence and atomic number 18 not connected with any earning activity. y these definitions, the touristry industry is inevitable since travelling is always a infract of a persons everyday life. touristry gage be seen as major comity for twain developed and developing countries in terms of adding up value to their potential tourism assets. Today, human body of tourism activities has evolved and is continually practice human beingwide. There are also different themes or purposes why wad travel from their country origin to their preferred stopping points, these are visiting friends and relatives tourism, medical, health and retirement tourism, personality and misfortune tourism, nautical or cruise tourism, sun and beach tourism, MICE , Leisure and Entertainment and Shopping touristry, educational tourism, and lastly, ethnic or natural tourism.The autochthonous tourism This winning of tourism has a variety of components and relationships. And each autochthonal tourism experience is unique in terms of time, space and participants. In 1966, a frameworks was been presented by Hinch and Butler, which highlights approximately of the key components of autochthonal tourism. However, it was of limited value terms of identifying relationships between these components. The tourism system was been influenced by a variety of sources such as the basic geographic dimension of Leipers tourism system (1990), and the meaning(a) role of the media which was highlighted by Ryan and Trauer, (2005).One of the distinguishing figures of an indigenous tourism system in general is the emphasis on the culture. In the indigenous tourism, where heathen overlay can be found, is much more encompassing compared to the real manife station in a paganly based attraction. Basic values and principles, which were infused in the way an effort is operated, also reflect. The final component of this tourism system is the broader environmental context. This component also reflects the reality that tourism is not a shutdownd system.But the main intent of the host (indigenous people), is to slang income exploitation the destination and also to export positive images of the destination and themselves. Economic environs The strong performance of the sparing aspects entrust result in higher levels of discretionary spending for travel and more trips, especially if its make in tourer market areas. On the other raft, the weak performance of the stinting aspects often results in tourism actively supported as an alter congenital to struggling primary or secondary industries.Oftentimes, common approach is a successful liaison with traditionalistic indigenous communities however being questioned in places like Austra lia by Schmiechena and Boyle, Editors Note. Private entrepreneurial approaches are being pursued in indigenous communities (Wuttunee, 1992 Altman and Finlayson, 1993). The growing corporatization of the global economy may reflect in such trends in combination with evolving generational differences and changing socio-political structures and programs that can be seen in indigenous communities. Social Environment.One of the shared features of indigenous people is the cultural poverty in which they live (Frideres, 1988). Poverty means in that location is an insufficiency in participating effectively in smart set, not having enough to feed and clothe a family, neither a clinic nor a school to go to, or even own a land or a joke to earn ones living, and not having access to credit. It is not very surprising that the constraints and results of the development goals of indigenous people often vary from the goals of non-indigenous communities. Political Environment.Despite the substanti al constraints that the indigenous people face, they become increasingly aware and active, as good as informed of their legal and political rights and have increasingly exercised them. There has been a major increase in land claim settlements which resulted in financial gain and increase resource management roles (Hinch, 2001). The internal politics of indigenous separates has political differences as one of the significant aspects which is not surprising that it is very rare to hear a unified voice speaking on their beone-half.In Indigenous communities, there are two levels of governance, one obligate by the dominant culture and one embedded in the traditional practices of the community. Also, the reality of dual governing structures one of them is an elected body objet dart the other looks to the traditional guidance of elders, whose gonna be taking account valued communal and kinship bonds, figure of speech and process consensus in the community. And there are two levels of governance in indigenous communities first is imposed by the dominant culture and secondly, embedded in the communitys traditional practice.Natural Environment The widespread destruction of natural areas throughout the world, actually increases the value of most traditional indigenous lands (Stevens, 1997). about of the traditional indigenous lands has been lost due to expropriation and been the cause for the displacement of the indigenous people to peripheral places. The traditional relationship of the indigenous people to their root wordland compared to non-indigenous people to their own land is also different (Notzke, 2006).Because most of the indigenous people believes that they are unconditionally conjugated or inseparable with the nature, unlike with the non-indigenous people who course to see the land as a resource for human pleasure (Gary, 1991 Hollinshead, 1992). Given the importance of the environment to the indigenous people, any changes in the environment, have signi ficance on the practice of the indigenous tourism (Gardner and Nelson, 1988). Host- invitee Relationshop and the Socio-Cultural Impacts of tourism Its been the subject of much debate and research in a variety of disciplines such as anthropology and ethnography, as well as tourism studies.Disassociating the impacts of tourism from the boarder context of sociable and cultural development, is difficult in many ways. Most of the models cited with impact analysis are considered as less recyclable as tourists proliferate and destinations diversify. Two outstrip- cognize models perhaps were (Butlers Lifecycle Model, 1980 and Doxeys Irridex, 1975). These models allow us to forecast the progression (more often, regression) of many global destinations, though they are by no means universal.In the then(prenominal) few long time, the regeneration or rejuvenation of destination has become a more widespread phenomenon. some(prenominal) products have been upgraded some were diversified into n ew forms of tourism, and are targeting higher spending visitors. Though it is uncommon for tourist to be confined to enclaves where clutch with topical anesthetic anaesthetic residents is minimal. This kind of relationship allows for flyspeck spontaneity, but worth sceptical how far host-guest relations have ever been truly authentic given the contrived nature and typically short duration of the average holiday.Acculturation, Cultural Drift and the Commodificaiton of Culture The fact of tourism is inevitable that the cultural changes primarily seen to the traditions of indigenous society, customs and values rather than to those of the tourist. Although tourism in some destinations, may be intermittent and seasonal. The level of visitation is constant and can have considerable impact on the social and cultural fabric of the host society. Instead of acculturation, cultural drift take place and is a kind of cultural change that appear within the society.(Mathieson and Wall 1992), states that cultural drift is a phenotypic change to the behavior of the host which take place besides when they are in contact with tourists, but when tourists leave, it can go back to normal. The Genotypic behavior is a more permanent phenomenon where cultural changes are pass on down from one generation to another. The fears of the culture and identity of the host can be assimilated into more dominant or persuasive culture of the tourist. Homogenization of culture is often exacerbated by tourist whose behaviors are sometimes obligeed by local residents.This may simply mean to local people, that they are obliged to victimize the language of the tourist in order to communicate well, but can also mean the pulmonary tuberculosis of non-local aliment or drink, the wearing of non-traditional fashions, and the desire to indulge in the same forms of entertainment as tourists. The volume of tourists tend to crave Western-style amenities. Not only this create sparing leakages, but i t also threatens the production of local goods, especially if local people develops and prefer Western-style products as well.Authenticity also becomes a key bed esp. when performing rituals in isolation from their traditional context. Staged authenticity in the form of displaced ceremonies, activities and events has become widespread. Although it is in some way important, the authenticity of tourist experience, it is more crucial to ensure that local communities with their role as performers and entertainers must come up comfortable in any ways. And of course, it should be understood as well that some religious or spiritual cultural practices, for tourists gaze, might not be appropriate spectacles.Measuring the socio-cultural impacts of tourism Culture is active and it changes from time to time irrespective of human development First, distinguishing the impacts of tourism from those of other social or economic developments is difficult. Second, in measuring socio-cultural impac ts, only few reliable tools exist, and assessment is oftentimes used to gather quantitative data. Cooper and et al (1998) suggests to use a number of techniques in measuring sociocultural impacts of tourism, but ordinarily filtering other influences is impossible.The following list suggests some of the indicators that can used to identify socio-cultural impacts Ratio of tourist to locals character of interaction between hosts and guests Local perceptions of tourism Concentration of tourism in certain locations Degree of employ of local products and facilities Extent and nature of local employment Degree of commercialization of local culture Changes in family relationships and the role of women Demonstration effects Increased social problems (e. g. drug usage, alcohol abuse, gambling, prostitution). Rises in crimes Cultural Tourism as a positive development option Cultural tourism can often go forth an attractive socio-economic development option for many societies. It can also raise the profile of a destination, attracting the please of both investors and visitors. There are a number of benefits derived from tourism and have been well documented in tourism literature and may include the creation of employment, the receipt of foreign exchange, the expansion of other economic sectors, and infrastructural developments.Some are intangible benefits including the renewal of cultural pride, revitalization of customs and traditions, and opportunities for cross-cultural exchange and integration. One of the major problems with tourism development is the government of those countries, who perceives tourism as a quick fix answer to the economic problems.As suggested by Lanfant and et al. (1995), it is often perceived as the last chance for countries to propel themselves on to the world of stage and to compete in the global arena. International and non-local investment becomes an attractive prospect, esp. in devoid countries where there are many local ent repreneurs who are able to afford the inflated land and property prices.However, restriction of the government in the extent of right(prenominal) investment is needed, as this might lead inevitably to ownership and management of facilities and services o f the non-locals and high economic leakages. Another economic worry is for the destinations or countries who were not able to meet demands of their tourism industry with their own local products.Other economic sectors such as fishing or agriculture can be strengthened supply is flimsy to meet demand if tourism increases rapidly. In cases of low-pitched island economies, it might be possible to strengthen inter-island linkages, but there is still the need to import goods and still experience the inevitable economic leakages. Although most tourists do shop and buy local handcrafted goods, it is still difficult to insist the consumption of local cuisine. The need for local and tourist education is being recognized. Tour operators , airlines and Western tourism agencies were encouraged to provide info and codes of manoeuvre for visitors.Codes of conduct may be necessary in areas where the environment of local culture is fragile or sensitive. The final point is the marketing of the destination. Most destination practice selective marketing to ensure that tourism development remains small-scale and appropriate. However, this is a delicate balance since many of the tourists may not be the most cultural sensitive. There are certain forms of tourism that are being developed in accordance with these changing trends, which are more environmentally friendly and culturally sensitive. Indigenous Cultural Tourism. fit in to Smith (2003), The Indigenous Cultural Tourism is used as an overarching terms for together ethnic and tribal tourism, and any form of tourism that involves contact with the indigenous people and their culture. They usually involve visiting native and indigenous people, such as tribal groups or ethn ic minorities. An area that is designated cultural landscape, national park, a jungle, a dessert or a cragged neighborhood. Foreign Studies Tourism Industry Tourism is seen as a labor intensive, seven-day-a-week industry, growing at a rate faster than any sector.It is widely certain that tourism is gaining more and more importance with the end of 20 th century and especially with the beginning of 21 st century regarding to the changing trends. In the study Developing Alternative Modes of Tourism (Berne Tuzcan, 2007), World Tourism Organization has taken the concept of tourism beyond holiday-making and officially defined it as follows Tourism comprises the activities carried out by people during their holidays and their visit to places different from their usual environment or residence, for a consecutive catch of time less than a year, with leisure, business or other purposes. (McIntosh, Goeldner and Ritchie 199511). Accordingly Tourism refers to all activities of visitors includ ing both overnight visitors and same day visitors (Lickorish and Jenkins, 1997 36). Moreover, it may also be defined as the sum of relationships arising from the interaction of tourists, business suppliers, host government, and host communities in the process of attracting and hosting these tourist and other visitors (McIntosh, Goeldner and Ritchie 1995 9-10). On the other hand tourists can be defined as people who are visiting a particular place for sightseeing, visiting their friends and relatives, taking a vacation, and having a good time. Indigenous Tourism Indigenous tourism is a special interest? tourism its essential components are first hand, authentic and usually intimate contact with Indigenous peoples whose ethnic and cultural backgrounds are different from those of tourists (Weiler and Harron 84). Indigenous tourism affairs are location-specific, or rather, culture-specific the history has shown that various Indigenous groups have reacted to tourism in various ways.The a pproaches of Indigenous communities towards tourism are influenced by a number of factors such as former experiences with Western world, size of Indigenous population, inactive or mobile lifestyle, diversity of Indigenous languages in an area, etc. ( Martina Horakova, 2003) Naturally, the overall analysis of Indigenous tourism would require a holistic approach all the aspects of life in Indigenous communities are influenced by tourism and are interwoven economic and educational issues, marketing and preservation, land ownership and traditional lifestyles.Indigenous People Indigenous communities are very diverse and specific. No matter where they live, groups from various parts of the world or clans occupying two neighboring regions, all of them are unique and their distinctiveness should be recognized and respected. Thus, to touristedise insensitively and refer to all Indigenous peoples as a homogeneous group would be an bulky mistake. In Australia, there are more than 700 diffe rent nations (Nielsen 213) and as quoted in the said study, different groups are responding to tourism in different ways.In the thesis entitled Tourism and its Impact on Traditional Culture A case study of Sirubari hamlet, Nepal by Tilak Prasad Kandel (2011) discussed the boom of tourism on indigenous people in the settlement tourism being practiced by the Gurung people in the Sirubari village of Syangja. For several decades now, this study recognizes the tourism industry as major source of revenue for countries, especially in the Third World. For ethnic tribes such as the Gurung people, Tourism is like a gift. They were given opportunities for employment other than hunting and fishing.Their pip-squeakren was given the benefits for education and they were informed of what it is like outside of their community as they interact with tourists who visited their place. They were steep of their culture but did not deny the fact, that they have the rights for changes and development if choose to. Another study, The Impacts of Ethnic Tourism on Hill Tribes in Thailand (Kayoko Ishii, 2011) stated the economic bene? ts of ethnic tourism for tribal households that affect the course of labor and gender dynamics in the local minority community engaged in the tourism industry.Furthermore, Indigenous Tourism in Australia (Martina Horakova, 2003) deals in analyzing both the positive and negative impacts of tourism in original communities in Australia. The thesis shows that no one could really conclude that the overall effect of indigenous tourism on Aboriginal communities is either bad or good. This thesis intends to present that even though there are negative impacts, the positive ones could actually eliminate those and that indigenous tourism could give Aboriginal peoples the prospect to re-create and state their identities through the interaction and exposure to tourists.The communication between tourists and Aboriginal peoples is productive in many aspects. It prov ides tourists with information that cannot be obtained elsewhere, and it helps to restore Aboriginal peoples? self-esteem and pride in their cultural heritage. Consequently, they are more willing to share their knowledge with the outer world. And, by telling their stories, they contribute greatly to the reconciliation. Thus, it could be concluded that Indigenous tourism becomes reconciliation tourism (Higgins-Desbiolles 223), when operated sensitively and carefully.Local Literature The Philippine Tourism According to Etravel Philippines (2000), The Philippines, Pearl of the Orient Seas, is very rich in natural resources. Philippines are by nature creative and intelligent. The richness of the environment is an advantage for their livelihood. Around 15 million hectares, or almost half of the Philippines total land area, are classified as timberland. Most of the land here was densely set before the 1900s. However, the following century saw the loss of half of Philippine forests.Stati stics show that deforestation claimed 204,000 hectares per year from 1950 to 1978. From 1989 to 1995, only 116,332 hectares were vanishing annually. Environmentalist groups are trying to protect Philippine forests, but a lot of necessity to be done in the campaign for reforestation as well as the fight against sorry logging. Philippine forests produce timber for local consumption and for export. Hardwood products coming from these timbers are globally known for their distinct appearance and high quality, which makes them appropriate as home furnishings.Wooden furniture, such as tables and chairs, are usually make of hardwood, popularly known as narra. Most Philippine forests are of the tropical rainforest type. in any event extensive reserves of tropical evergreen hardwoods, the country also has considerable areas of pine in the mountainous regions of Northern Luzon. With a glidingal ecosystem stretching almost 20,000 km, the Philippines is likely to become one of the earliest vi ctims of rising ocean temperatures and levels. Centuries-old coral reefs are dying almost overnight, and the destruction is being witnessed not only by divers in remote spots.Regional marine science studies estimated in the middle of 1999 that the Philippines magnificent semiaquatic world would be gone by around 2100. Reports say that increased sea temperatures were causing chain reactor coral bleaching events in the worlds best coral reefs. Something has to be done to reduce global warming caused by the burning of oil, coal, and gas. The Philippines has extensive but small river systems and streams, which are loosely depicted by the mountain plucks.The fluvial system of Luzon is made up of (1) Rio Grande de Cagayan and its tributaries (a stream that flows into a larger body of water), which drain the Cagayan Valley (2) the Agno Grande which drains Benguet and the valleys of Nueva Ecija, Pangasinan and Tarlac (3) the Abra River system, which receives its tributaries from the Co rdillera and drains Lepanto, Bontoc, and the Abra and (4) the Rio Grande de Pampanga and its tributaries, which drain the fertile valfeys of Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, and Bulacan.Schoolmeester (2004), expound that most of the islands in the Philippines are very small. Many of these small islands as well as the bigger islands, have a lot to domiciliate to tourists. There are many possibilities for typical sun, sea and beach holidays and for specific adventure holidays. You can even meet the whale sharks and swim close to them. For tourists who want to discover geographically interesting landscapes or who want to meet mountain tribes, the Philippines has it allAs an archipelagic island, the Philippines offers countless attractions to see, such as the famous white sand beaches of Boracay, big shopping centers of tube manilla paper, rice terraces of Ifugao, diving sites of Palawan, lush forests of Bohol, heritage houses in Vigan, and the cultural attractions of Manila. Metro Manila, the national capital region of the country, is known for being one of the best shopping destinations in Asia its wide collection of shopping centers offer a range of local and international shops.Numerous shopping malls can be found around the metropolis, especially in the business and financial districts of Ortigas Center and Bonifacio Global City, while high-end shopping centers are mostly located at the Ayala Center in Makati. Despite the rise of modern shopping centers, traditional Filipino shopping areas still remain around the metropolis. Located just approximately 315 km (196 mi) south of Manila is Boracay it is known for its white sand beaches and has been a favorite island destination for local and foreign visitors.In 2012, Boracay stock the best island award from the international travel magazine Travel + Leisure. Boracay was also named as the second best beach in the world. Aside from its white sand beaches, Boracay is also known for being a popular destination for relaxatio n, tranquility and for an exciting nightlife (Malig, 2012). Mindanao, the southernmost island of the Philippines is home to the countrys tallest mountain, Mount Apo. The mountain features a wide range of flora and fauna and is home to over 272 bird species, 111 of which are endemic to the area.Mount Apo is also home to the countrys national bird, the Philippine Eagle. Mount Apo is a popular destination for hiking and mountain activities. The Indigenous People in the Philippines Jocano (1998) said that the earliest known attempt of classifying Filipinos into specific racial groupings were based mainly on anthropometrical measurements and ocular inspections of skeletal remains as well as the physical appearances of living populations.The inhabitants of the country could be divided into (1) Negritos the small, dark-skinned group, which included the Negrito of Bataan, Ata of Luzon, and Mamanwa of Mindanao (2) Malays the brown-skinned group, which included the inhabitants of Bicol, Bis ayas, and southern Luzon (Montano suspected the Malays to have Chinese, Indonesian, and Arabic blood)(3) Indonesian group the group similar to the Malays in complexion, which included the Samal, B agobo, Guianga, Ata, Tagakaolo, Tagbanua, Manubo, Mandaya, and Bilaan. Group 2 and 3 were said to have reached the Philippines in two waves of migration. The Indonesians were the first to come, followed by the Malays. The Aetas in the Philippines Of the scores of indigenous communities that comprise roughly 14 per cent of the Filipino people, the Agta are unquestionably the most widely distributed geographically.Popularly regarded as aboriginal, they are variously known as Mamanua in Surigao, Ata Manobo in Davao, Ati in Panay, Ata and Ati in Negros, Batak in North important Palawan, Ayta and Ita in Central Luzon, Ata in Western Cagayan, and Agta or Aggay along the Sierra Madre Mountain Range facing the Pacific nautical or more accurately the Philippine Sea from Palaui Island off San Vic ente in Santa Ana, Cagayan south or northerly Isabela Province. Farther south of the range, in Aurora and Quezon provinces, they are called Dumagat (Galang, 2006). The Aeta live in the northern part of the Philippines on the island of Luzon.Historians and Anthropologists debate precisely when and how they migrated here, the consensus being that they crossed from the island of Borneo between 20 and 30 thousand years ago, using a land bridge that was partially covered by water around 5,000 years ago the remaining part of which is now part of Palawan. Whatever the migration path was, they are without doubt among the first if not the first inhabitants of the Philippines. One area of that country where the Aetas had lived for thousands of years was Mount Pinatubo (Waddington, 2002). Aetas are known to be one of the descendants of the original inhabitants of the Philippines.They previously occupied the outlying areas near the coastline and riverbeds, but were obligate to resettle in t he mountains by the coming of the migrants. Belonging to the ethnic group, Negrito, these mountain dwellers are classified and identified as Aytas or Aetas small stature, kinky hair, dark brown skin, and big brown eyes (Hiromu Shimizu, 1989). The small body of Aetas is nicely proportioned of strong, hardy stock, muscular and able to endure hardship of their life, such as going with little food for several days they also have high forehead, prominent cheek bones, flat nose, round black eyes and scanty beard.They have highly trained and keen sense of hearing and sight since one of their sources of living is hunting. They also have bright, inquisitive minds and an extensive knowledge of woodcraft but they lack of abstract ideas and can hardly count beyond 4 or 5. Though their happiness is like a childs happiness, they smile and laugh even if they are worried they are kind and peaceful little folks and very devoted to their relatives, friends and with high moral standard like honesty ( Wilson, 1953) The Pinatubo Aytas (Aytas in Zambales).Studies of cultural change following the occurrence of the natural hazards like volcanic eruptions usually focuses on the propensity of the enamored society to suffer from damage caused by an event, they stress the vulnerability or the condition of a society which makes it possible for a hazard to become a disaster (Canoon, 1994). According to Shimizu (1992), In the early years following the awakening of Mt. Pinatubo in 1991, there was a generalized fear that the eruption might turn into a cultural disaster for the Aeta ethnic minority of Central Luzon which was expected to be in a crisis of survival.A decade after the disaster, a certain level of cultural change has indeed been find in the indigenous society. prior to the eruption, the Aeta in Zambales occupied only the slopes of the Mt. Pinatubo and, in particular, the tablelands stretching from the volcano to the coast range between Botolan and San Marcelino. In April 2001, B anzon-Bautista with the initial signs of the restlessness of the volcano, almost all of the Aetas communities were immediately evacuated. However, an unknown number of Aetas refused to leave their homes and perished during the eruption.According to oral accounts, a score of Aeta found shelter in caves that were eventually bury by pyroclastic flowers. According to Gaillard (2006), All the Aeta communities located on the upper flanks of Mt. Pinatubo prior to the eruption had to abandon their small villages which had been buried under these thick, hot pyroclastic and ash fall deposits, which prevent the immediate reoccupation of the settlements. Most of these Aeta have been relocate in the government move sites, either on the lower slopes of the volcano or on the foothills.Today, these resettlement sites are the largest Aeta settlements. All these settlements are nowadays concentrated on the lower flanks of Mt. Pinatubo in the immediate law of proximity of lowland villages and town s occupied by Kapampangan people, the dominant ethnic group of the Southwestern part of the Central unpatterned of Luzon. Henceforth, there are no Aeta communities left isolated on the upper flanks of Mt. Pinatubo. All have naturalised regular contact with the lowlanders.According to 1973 census, the Pinatubo Aytas covers almost majority of the 20,000 population of the Negrito groups. Pinatubo Aytas declined to accept and entertain the influence of the outside forces or the lowlanders and continually preserve their distinct culture and tradition until the Mount Pinatubo eruption in 1996 when they were forced to go down the plains and mountains and lived in the resettlement areas together with the lowlanders. These endanger their culture and tradition because they learned to adapt the ways of the lowlanders (Tubera, 2006).In line with this, they no longer possess their original language instead they adoptive the lowlanders language called Sambal Language, thus, the acceptance of th e jurisdiction of the municipal government which opened them further to the culture of the lowlanders whom they called as bawbanowa (town people). They have not just acquired the Sambal Language but also their techniques and rituals in agriculture and their concepts of spirits, curing rituals, and burial customs. However, the Aytas assimilated only those cultural elements suitable to their social reality.This selective assimilation contributed to the stability and continuity of the Aytas culture. The feeling of antagonism towards the lowlanders made them preserve their own cultural heritage. Despite of being aware of the changing environment and society downhill they insisted to not to adopt and or develop a well integrated sociopolitical system beyond the family groupings and the village order. Hence, without the presence of the integrated system their history is not detailed, only those eve.