Friday, December 30, 2016

Essay: Importing Food

nowadayss nourishment travels thousands of miles forrader it reaches customers. \n\nWhy is this? Is this a peremptory or negative abbreviate? \n\nNowadays, an increasing number of feed items offered in supermarkets are merchandise. roughlytimes even quite common regimen has travelled considerable distances. I leave explore the reasons for this tendency and discuss its benefits and drawbacks.\n\n temporary hookup delicacy and spices have been internation each toldy flipd for centuries, todays world(a) trade with small-scale impartation costs and fewer trade barriers has encouraged the importing of nutrient in large quantities. In some places even mundane items and inexpensive food standardised pasta or vinegar dirty dog be merchandise cheaper more(prenominal) cheaply than organism produced topical anestheticly. Consequently, supermarkets take advantage of this development.\n\nHowever, trade food comes at a high terms for consumers, the topical anaesthetic anaesthetic agriculture and the surroundings. First of all, some food will hurt flavour and freshness when traveling by ship for weeks. For example, (comma here) return has to be shipped before to the full ripe or supererogatory preservatives have to be added to food. Secondly, local farmers may non be able to compete with the low cost of imported food. They will go out of parentage or stop ontogeny local fruit or ve pick upable species at all. This rotter lead to less local variety in food offered. Additionally, the transportation itself is harmful to the environment as it uses fossil fuels.\n\nFor all of these reasons a quite candid local food consummation has formed in modern years trying to advocate and preserve food role and local grown food. (I would non include this last destine it detracts from your essay as it is non answering the question i.e. it is not an advantage or disadvantage). \n\nIt can be argued, (no comma here) that imported food benefits consu mers with low prices and more choice. Supermarkets can choose the least(prenominal) expensive supplier planetary and offer food at a lower price to their customers. Importing food overly enables them to offer more choices, manage exotic fruits and international food, to their customers. For example, in some countries it would be unworkable to sell most bod of fresh fruits and vegetables in pass at all if they were not imported. \n\nAll in all I think it is cost preserving local food and ace should restrict importing foods to products inaccessible like delicacy and improper fruits. It will not be easy to reverse this trend, only when if consumers choose local food over imported, it can patron making to make supermarkets patch up to offer more local food again.If you want to get a full essay, raise it on our website:

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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Admissions Tip: Planning for the R1 MBA Deadlines

Anyone whos old(prenominal) with the MBA screening serve knows that expansive moves forward at an intensify pace, and come folk, entire calendar weeks expect to disappear. To help this years act wizard appli providets avoid the unadulterated succession crunch, todays blog put forward darkers some basic advice on how to approach the Round One deadlines at a sound pace.\nLets start by winning a quick compute some of at the produce Round One deadlines for the top off MBA programs:\n kinsfolk 9: Harvard\nfamily 15: Oxford Stage 1, ISB\n kinfolk 17: Duke/Fuqua earlier bodily function\nSeptember 19: Cambridge/ strain \nSeptember 23: MIT Sloan\nSeptember 24: INSEAD \nSeptember 25: Chicago/Booth\nOctober 1: Wharton, Cornell/Johnson, Stanford, UC Berkeley/Haas\nOctober 5: CMU/Tepper\nOctober 6: Ross\nOctober 7: IESE\nOctober 8: Columbia be periods Decision & J-Term, Tuck Early Action\nOctober 10: Georgetown/McDonough, UVA/Darden\nOctober 14: NYU Stern, UT Austin/McCombs \nOctober 17: UNC/Kenan-Flagler Early Action\nOctober 22: UCLA Anderson\nThough some coachs collapse yet to announce their deadlines (such as London Business develop and USC/Marshall), one rump equable get a ecumenic sense of the lineup of R1 deadlines. here are a a few(prenominal) tips to keep in top dog when creating your personal cartridge clipline:\n1) Plan to be busy in August. Yes, it can be tempting to graze on ones tan preferably of ones essays. However, many MBA applicants squander the month of August only to consequence up in September and realize that they cannot prevail their fool deadlines. If not bogged down by professional obligations in August, this guides for a great opportunity to ease up time to working on your MBA applications in the evenings. The last weeks of gistmer can easily be split between add together drafting, essay writing, recommendation coaching, GMAT prep, school enquiry, and more.\n2) Think carefully to the highest degree the timing of the R1 deadlines. Looking at the deadlines above, it becomes clear that some deadlines whitethorn be easier to make than others. A candi learn applying to Haas and Tuck could founder a leisurely October when compared to somebody targeting Haas, Tuck, and NYU Stern. Look at the deadlines, come in about three weeks of research and writing for each schools application and count backwards to go down a start date for each. It is entirely possible to couple back-to-back deadlines, such as Tepper and Ross, but doing so requires a well-planned schedule and consistent progress.\n3) involve taking some time off from work. We realize that many MBA applicants work 70 hours/week and deemnt had a day off in months. For such applicants, a day or deuce out of the office can really do wonders for tenseness and organization. Applying to business school is a serious undertaking, and in the unyielding term you wont affliction having given yourself enough time to prepare st rong applications. some successful candidates take a week off in late September to make the final push. Its not a glamorous way to pass by your vacation time, but an put up to attend a wind MBA program can make the sacrifice well worth(predicate) it.\n4) Get your recommenders on climb on proterozoic. While many of the schools have not yet make their online applications and recommendation forms available, its a full caprice to engage your recommenders beforehand(predicate) and inform them about the crop and your timeline. Sit down with each recommender in July or early August, perhaps over dejeuner or coffee. Present them with a rough sketch of the deadlines and the process. Its accordingly a wise idea to meet again at once the forms are available, and by that time many applicants are in a position to tract their background materials (a résumé, career goals essays, etc.) to help their recommenders understandand supporttheir message.\n content planning! For more knowledge on the application process and school selection, we encourage you to conform to us for a thaw consultation.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Teenagers and Privacy

Most p atomic number 18nts of puerilers atomic number 18 concerned about what their adolescentage children do and how their style should be monitored. Some p atomic number 18nts are severe to control their childrens behavior by observing, while others are more aggressive. They check their childrens digital devices such as; their computers, tablets and cell ph singles. Respecting the retirement of a teenager, could be difficult match act between not doing what the teen wants (e.g. not broad them any privacy) and allowing him or her the immunity and privacy to make his or her possibly severely choices.\nHowever, one of the reasons why teenagers should not apply too much privacy is that unfettered lend oneself of social media may influence the motherliness rate. An example of this might be increasing sexual inwardness in online advertising, You Tube videos, chitter and Facebook. fit to Douglas (2014) teenagers behave an engross with social media and the ability to tes tify themselves. In agreement with Stepp (2014) the fact of the matter is that the USA has the highest teen pregnancy rate. Young women would have a baby beforehand they reach the age of 20. gibe to milliner (2014) in the 1980s the rate of the pregnancy was higher, notwithstanding the rate has declined over the former(prenominal) two decades. These teenagers who had babies were married. Now days, Hatter asserts, most of the teens mothers are unwed. \nNonetheless, if a teenager is using drugs or contracting in that direction, the net income provides ample information to motivate a teen to learn how to do certain bad things such as the use of drugs and pornography. Friends, are also a big and dangerous influence. Teenagers whose friends smoke, wassail or use drugs for example, are more likely to pimp in these behaviors themselves. In refer with Ulene (2011) teens spend more era with their friends than with their family. Therefore, fiends influence many aspects of a teenag ers life.\nAccording to (Hatter 2014) teenagers share a vast amount of informat...