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Rebecca Wests The Return of the Soldier and Virginia Woolfs Jacobs R

Rebecca Wests The Return of the Soldier and Virginia Woolfs Jacobs Room Rebecca West and Virginia Woolf give great significance to the families of their respective chief(prenominal) characters in The Return of the Soldier and Jacobs Room because it gives the reader a greater insight to the formation of and reasoning for both Chris and Jacobs nature. Each of these characters deplete multiple families to deal with Chris has Kitty and Jenny on the one hand, and Margaret on the other, while Jacob deals with his mother and brother as well as his connections to society and academia. The distinctions among each characters multiple families cause them to behave differently in various situations, and provide reasons for their actions. It is said that we are shaped by our surroundings and molded by our families, and Woolf and Wests male protagonists prove to be no exception to this rule. The opening scene of Jacobs Room depicts Mrs. Flanders and Archer inquisitive for a young Jacob along the beach, already showing that the titular character is detached and separate from those around him. Instead of walking with his mother and brother on the shore, Jacob is more interested in the escapades of a crab in a tidal pool, an early indication of his future pursuit of knowledge and his penchant for isolation. by from this first mention, Jacobs biological family is mentioned very rarely throughout the remainder of the novel, as Woolf focuses on his social and academic family instead. However, Jacobs tendency to distance himself from numerous of his friends probably stems from the slightly distracted air of his mother, who seems to love and care for him but at the same time is scatter-brained and somewhat unaware of her surroundings. Jacob i... ...e complete without the care and sorrow handed them by the families they gain and lose throughout the courses of their short lives. Woolf states it perfectly, realizing that life is but a procession of shadows, and God know s why it is that we embrace them so eagerly, and see them depart with such anguish, being shadows... Such is the manner of our seeing. Such the conditions of our love (Woolf, 96). Jacob is only partially loved and cared for by his mother, and therefore carries this half-affection into his social interactions, eventually regretting the supremely human act of falling in love. Likewise, Chris is two completely different people between Margaret and Kitty loving and content with Margaret, once he is returned to candor he becomes one of the brittle beautiful things that Kitty so loves to have in her presence, a mere shadow of his soul (West, 6).

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The Writing Styles Of 2 Prominent British Science Fiction Authors :: essays research papers

The Writing Styles of 2 Prominent British Science Fiction Authors"Science fiction is genius of the more secluded parade grounds where privatefantasy and public event meet. They call it entertainment". (Aldiss Billion 1)This quote is interpreted to mean that, in the genre of science fiction there isa fusion of fantasy and reality. It is this combination of two opposites thatproduces the novel categorized today as science fiction. There is one aspect ofscience fiction that separates it from any other genre. Science fiction can bewritten as fantasy one day, and read as scientific fact the next. Jules Vernehas written about man setting foot on the moon. When read by its originalreaders the idea of space travel was non a reality. It is now common knowledgethat man has walked on the moon, and when this novel is read today no longer isspace travel considered to be imaginary. expert science fiction novelistsbrilliantly blend fantasy with reality, composing a very fine line betw een thetwo perceptions. When reading, one sometimes does non even realize when theauthor makes the transition from a plausible concept to a ludicrous one.Science fiction is a relatively new status. Novels were prime(prenominal) categorized thisway towards the close of the 1920s. This word was first utilized in shortstories that appeared in the pulp magazines, of the era. The phrase "sciencefiction" was considered an enhancement of the term scientifiction. Howeverseveral British novels were categorized as scientific romances before the 1920s.(Aldiss Trillion 27) Before Frankenstein the only forms of science fiction were"the plays of Aristophanes or some Myrenaean instalment concerning the flight tothe sun on a gooses back." (Aldiss Billion 2) In these fantasies there is noblend of reality and fantasy, it is pure fantasy. There is no one taradiddle thatis accepted to be the first science fiction tale. Science fiction as perceivedtoday originated with Mary Shelleys Frankenstein. (Aldiss Trillion 18)     Mary Shelley was the wife of the renowned British poet, Percy ByssheShelley and daughter of Mary Wollenstonecraft. She was born in 1797 and hermother died soon after birth. Mary Wollenstonecraft married her husband at theage of fifteen. She produced her most historied novel entitled Frankenstein at theage of nineteen. It was published in 1818. (Ash 178)     The origin of the novel came to Shelley in a dream, in which she saysshe saw "the hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the workingof some powerful engine, show signs of life, and stir with an uneasy half vital

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Protagonists Essay -- English Literature Essays

ProtagonistsThe protagonists in The Yellow Wallpaper, The Storm, and Eveline all await to have similarities in their character. They are all women that have lived in an era in which women are seen as nothing. This woman had no identity in this conception because they were told what to do by men. Human nature is also another important element that these women have in common. Calixta from The Storm is a married woman with a family. She is living in a time period in which woman have no control in what goes on in their life. The husband handles everything and she does the phratrykeeping and childbearing. Te other two women in the novels seem to be in the same situation. Throughout the novel there seems to be a lot of sexual activity and passion as another man enters the picture. This man is an old boyfriend who comes to take shelter from The Storm. Calixta and Alcee rediscover the passion there is between them. Alcees arm encircled her, and for an instant he drew her close and spasmo dically to him (362). While the storm is going on outside the passion inside the house is also storming between Calixta and Alcee. In The Yellow Wallpaper the protagonists is also dealing with the issues of control with her husband. She is also living in the same era as Calixta where she is told what to do. This worthless woman seems to have been pushed in to the state of mind that she is currently in because of her husband. She basically was living in a prison with watch guards at her side. She ...

The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Normandy Essay -- essays re

The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Normandy were two vital battles in founding War II. Stalingrad was the site of a critical WWII Soviet victory that terminated Germanys advance to the east. Peaceful Normandy took its place in history as the starting point in the triumphant march across atomic number 63. Both these intense events were extremely significant in the outcome of the second world war.       subsequently the Germans failed to win the war totally in 1941, they decided to start a fresh effort, and hoped that this would lead to victory. This effort eventually led to the city of Stalingrad in 1942. antithetic from the the three pronged attack of the previous year, this one had two attack directions. One from Kharkov to Stalingrad, the other from the Crimea to Caucasus. Though, this push was still very large. It included 78 bloc divisions, almost two million men. Its main purpose was to cut Stalins supply along the Don and Volga rivers. Therefore , cutting him off from oil in the Caucausus and "Lend-Lease" attend to from the west. This battle would last for more than a year, and could beconsidered one of the most important battles of the war, mainly because of two large, powerful armies meeting each other topic on.      Originally, Stalingrad hadnt really been an objective. It became one however after Hitler grew to have a personal obsession with it. It being named after Stalin himself, his enemy, made it a conquest he had to turn over on. The loss at Stalingrad could be partially blamed on Hitler himself. He withdrew into a shell during this period, concentrating on nothing more than the city. In the meantime, allowing for things to crumble well-nigh him.Fortunately for Hitler, an equally obsessive leader faced him. Stalin had a similar obsession with Moscow, and its defense. Though it isnt debatable whether or not Moscow was an important city to be in possession of, Stalin refused to believe where the German attack would be. Even after viewing a captured copy of this plan. So, the attack began and it went on without a problem. lone(prenominal) in July, 1942, did this good luck begin to diminish. They were few and far between at first, but gradually built up unease at German Headquarters. There were debates as to attacks on Vorozneh, or whether a move towards the oil fields was in order. By August, Hitler decided to move ... ...tion which created, in a sense, a military base for the Allied forces managed to bring a total of 1 million troops by the date of July 1.     And thus the final drive to exempt Europe was under way. The thoughts of what would of happened if Operation Overlord didnt occur were almost to dark and fearful to bear think of. The armies of darkness have marched through Europe fearing nothing lying ahead of them and leaving nothing lying behind them.       The date of June 6, 1944 will always be remembered as t he beginning of the end for the third gear Reich. The once peaceful beaches of France were turned into a heroic and glory filled day for the Allied troops. And though many troops died, they also will always remembered as one of the courageous and proud who brought the destruction to the most powerful and evil forces ever to exist on this great earth.     The Battle of Stalingrad and the Battle of Normandy were come upon factors in the outcome of WWII. Both battle with its own significant elements. Without the victory of these battles who knows what course history would have taken.      

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Film Versus Theatre Presentations of William Shakespeares Much Ado Abo

Film Versus Theatre Presentations of William Shakespeares Much bustle astir(predicate) NothingShakespeares comedy Much Ado About Nothing is a witty cope with that is interpreted in many an(prenominal) different ways for many different audiences. Branaughs movie rendition, compared to the Shenandoah Shakespeare Companys play, have many separately emphasized points. If we look at elements such as use of space, costuming, and love relationships we find that Kenneth Branaugh emphasizes the insulation of the military from the domestic which eventually heads down to the separation of men and women, while in the stage production, the director emphasizes the relationship and friendship between Claudio, Benedict, and Don Pedro.In Branaughs movie version of Much Ado About Nothing there is much emphasis placed visually upon the military and the domestic atmosphere. From the beginning of Branaughs interpretation the clear distinction between the two groups is visually portrayed. The movie begins with Emma Thompson, Beatrice, reading aloud to her friends and family in a relaxed laid back setting. The first domestic scenes lay out the tranquility of Leonatos home compared to the rough and earthly concern military scenes. The first military scene shows Don Pedro and his comrades riding up to Leonatos house. The scene is visually pleasing with the soldiers striding up to the house on horses with their arms embossed in the air in slow motion. A strong sense of military valor is established through the soldiers actions, and the movie has already established a sense of military and domestic space, which the play did non capture. The Shenandoah Shakespeare Companys version of the play began very differently. There was no domestic or military atmosphere at all and the ... ...oin the domestic group, but Don Pedro and Don John are not as faded out. Don Pedro is present in the end, however, he is not a main part of the action. All of the characters were present most of the t ime either sitting on stage or standing which made the two groups seem not as separate as in Branaughs movie.Branaugh and the company director both made many choices, which influenced their performances. I enjoyed the movie more the play because it was not only full of funny lines and puns, but the actors and the setting were amazing. They movie seemed to flow more for me and I enjoyed being able to see the characters in a serene setting without having to visualize it all. Shakespeares play Much Ado About Nothing can be interpreted, acted, read, and visualized in different ways, but I thought that Kenneth Branaugh brought together an amazing cast and performance.

Film Versus Theatre Presentations of William Shakespeares Much Ado Abo

Film Versus Theatre Presentations of William Shakespeares Much Ado About nullShakespeares comedy Much Ado About Nothing is a witty play that is interpreted in many different ways for many different audiences. Branaughs movie rendition, compared to the Shenandoah Shakespeare Companys play, have many separately emphasised points. If we look at elements such as use of space, costuming, and love relationships we find that Kenneth Branaugh emphasizes the separation of the host from the domestic which eventually heads down to the separation of men and women, small-arm in the stage production, the director emphasizes the relationship and friendship between Claudio, Benedict, and Don Pedro.In Branaughs movie version of Much Ado About Nothing there is much emphasis placed visually upon the military and the domestic atmosphere. From the beginning of Branaughs interpretation the clear distinction between the two groups is visually portrayed. The movie begins with Emma Thompson, Beatrice, teaching aloud to her friends and family in a relaxed laid back aspect. The setoff domestic scenes lay out the tranquility of Leonatos home compared to the rough and public military scenes. The first military scene shows Don Pedro and his comrades riding up to Leonatos house. The scene is visually pleasing with the soldiers striding up to the house on horses with their arms raised in the circularise in slow motion. A strong sense of military valor is established through the soldiers actions, and the movie has already established a sense of military and domestic space, which the play did non capture. The Shenandoah Shakespeare Companys version of the play began very differently. There was no domestic or military atmosphere at all and the ... ...oin the domestic group, but Don Pedro and Don John are not as faded out. Don Pedro is present in the end, however, he is not a important part of the action. All of the characters were present most of the time either sitting on stage or standing which made the two groups seem not as separate as in Branaughs movie.Branaugh and the company director both made many choices, which influenced their performances. I enjoyed the movie more the play because it was not exclusively full of funny lines and puns, but the actors and the setting were amazing. They movie seemed to flow more for me and I enjoyed being able to see the characters in a serene setting without having to visualize it all. Shakespeares play Much Ado About Nothing can be interpreted, acted, read, and visualized in different ways, but I thought that Kenneth Branaugh brought unneurotic an amazing cast and performance.

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Project Management Plan Essay

Projects in a business are always set up to confer some beneficial change or add value to what the business already have (Knutson and Bitz, 1991). They are therefore set with goals that have to be accomplished. In a business organization, there are staff members given province by the manager or the human resource manager based on their qualification and experience, on the kind of job they are assigned. Project heed is always given to a take to manager.A project manager has the responsibility to ensure that the planning, organizing and management of the project resources, comes to an end with the successful completion of the objectives (Knutson and Bitz, 1991). One of the roles of a project manager as has been noted is planning of the resources available for a specific project. Project Management Plan A project management plan answers the four Ws. Why, what, when and who (Kimmons, 1990). LRH product company (who), intends to present a mess show (what), in Kansas City as a marketi ng strategy for the benefit of the company (why), in the quest to increase company sales.The project is imputable in ten weeks (when) from the start of preparations to the show. The project manager has been provided with all the resources required. This paper aims at giving the rest of the maltreats needed in a tap breakdown structure of a project management plan, that the objectives and the requirements of its completion, are already provided. Completing the Project Management plan The first steps of the project management plan have been done. They are, identification of the project goal, which is to participate in a trade show for marketing purposes and what the project requires to ensure that the goal is met, which is already done.The succeeding(prenominal) steps in a project management plan that have not been completed and need to be done are scheduling and ontogeny of support plans (Spinner, 1992). Scheduling What the project needs to deliver, should be accomplished in orde r to consider the project as a successful one. For delivery purposes, tasks on the appropriate selected deliverables have to be place and written down on a list to guide the planner. The tasks are identified while considering the amount of sentence or effort needed to complete the task and the qualified person to complete the task (Spinner, 1992).In the description given, these tasks and the relevant people needed for the project to deliver had already been identified, but the next steps in scheduling had not been done . The next step is to calculate the effort required for each deliverable plus the delivery date. It is important for the project manager to select an appropriate software for this kind of calculation. Normally it is PERT that is employ, which is a software apply to evaluate the total time the project will take to be completed and the total time the tasks will take to complete the project (Spinner, 1992).If in any case the project manager finds out that the provide d time for project completion is not enough, he/she has to inform the sponsor/manager to get much time. In the case of this assignment, the project manager could ask to start the project earlier if the time allocated is found not to be enough. Support plans The next step in the management plan is to develop support plans. These include plans that should be involved in the project management plan either included in it or not.They are such as, the human resource plan, communication plans, that indicate who should be informed about the issues of the project and risk management plans, that give identified risks to the project and how to deal with each. When preparing a project plan, a project manager can decide to select a tool of project planning that he/she feels appropriate for formulating the plan. This is where the Gantt charts, which gives a project schedule from the start to the end, showing the terminal and the summary elements as well as the structure used for the work breakdo wn, is used (Spinner, 1992).

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Responsibility Accounting Essay

It is impossible for top managers to make all the necessary decisions just about everything except in very small organizations. Somehow at some point he has to delegate some decisions to those who ar at the lower levels and atomic number 18 more knowledgeable to the everyday detail of the companys operation.By empowering lower level managers to make decisions, decision-making authority is spread throughout the organization kind of than being confined to a few top executives. Attached with this decentralized approach, argon be and decisions at each sub-level that managers have to be responsible for. modify organizations need business score systems to link the managers decision-making authority with accountability for the outcomes of those decisions and to make sure that they are in congruence with the organizations goals.The term responsibility center is physical exercised in any part of the organization whose managers has control and is accountable for personify, profit or investment.An Organizational View of province CentersThe manager of an investment center has control over cost, revenue, and investments in operating assets. Investment centers are usually evaluated using return on investment (ROI) or residual income measures.The manager of a profit center has control over both costs and revenue, but not over the use of investment funds. They are often evaluated by comparing actual profit to targeted or budgeted profit.The manager of a cost center has control over costs, but not over revenue or the use of investment funds. Managers of cost centers are expected to minimize costs while providing the level of products and services demanded by other split and stakeholders of the organization.For this decentralized structure to be effective, organizations need to employ responsibility accounting. Responsibility accounting refers to the various archetypes and tools used by managerial accountants to measure the performance of slew and departments to f oster goal congruence.Below are some of the concepts and tools that managerial accountants used for responsibility accounting1.Segment Reporting Income statements are generated from each part or drill of an organization (e.g. sales territories, individual stores, service centers, manufacturing plants, marketing departments, individual customers, and product lines). In utilizing this concept of reporting, managers have to identify traceable and common fixed costs and make use of activity-base costing if necessary. These segmented income statements are useful in analyzing the profitability of segments and in measuring the performance of segment managers.2.Performance report of each responsibility centers this shows the budgeted and actual amounts, and the variances between these amounts, of expose financial results appropriate for the type of responsibility center involved. The data in a performance report help managers use management by exception either to control cost operations effectively, find ways to generate more profit or consider opportunities for investments.3.Activity-based responsibility accounting Under this approach, management is directed not only to the cost incurred in an activity but also to the activity itself. Questions like the following volition be asked, Is the activity necessary? Does it add value to the organizations product or service? Can the activity be improved? By seeking answers to these questions, managers can eliminate non-value added activities and increase the cost effectiveness of the activities that do add value.4.Customer Profitability Analysis uses the concept of activity-based costing to determine how serving occurrence customers causes activities to be performed and costs to be incurred. This focus on major market segments, geographical regions, distribution channels or customers. This also helps managers gain insight into the factors that are driving the companys performance.Goal congruence results when the manag ers of subunits throughout an organization strive to achieve the goals set by top management. Given the above concept and with proper implementation an organization is surely rising above its competitors.It is therefore recommended that while top management gave the subunit managers decision-making authority and responsibility accounting systems in place, it is still of utmost importance that both side will conduct regular dialogue and consultations for coordination and to keep each other expectations on the same level and to make sure that top management understands the concerns of the lower level managers and vice versa. Top management also must emphasize that the responsibility accounting systems chief(prenominal) functions are information and not blame, make sure costs are distinguished properly between controllable and uncontrollable as this increases the effectiveness of cost management systems, and its usage is to motivate desired behavior that would be beneficial for both t he company and the employees.So how does responsibility accounting fosters goal congruence?As companies adopt this concept, top level management can concentrate on bigger issues such as overall strategy of the company. This allows as well lower-level managers to answer more quickly to customers and to changes in the operating environment since layers of decisions makings and approvals have been eliminated, and lower managers are now given the chance to be trained for higher positions.Consequently, as lower level managers make decisions they are expected that their motivation for work and job satisfaction is increased because the decision-making authority empowers them.But the concept of responsibility accounting is not only limited to an organizations structure. For any type of cost whether from an organizations perspective or from your personal life, an important key to managing or controlling the cost is to make it someones responsibility. And whether we like it or not, decisions has to be made, the only difference is that if we are choosing to make the right decisions or the wrong ones.

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Noah and Utnapishtim’s Wild Ride Essay

Almost every religion in the world has a story roughly the Great Flood which destroys the earth, and apiece teaches its followers a several(predicate) story ab aside this disaster. While the Babylonians have the story of Utnapishtim from the Epic of Gilgamesh, the Judeo Christians have Noah from the Bible. Both custody save a few people and many animals. In these stories, Noah and Utnapishtim seem to have similar situations, but a further analysis shows how truly different the two stories are. The boats in each story are exceptionally different.In the Epic of Gilgamesh, Utnapishtims boat was six stories high, had nine apartments in each story, had a flat bottom, and was one cytosine and twenty cubits high as well as wide (par 5-6). Utnapishtim covered the inside of his boat with bitumen, and covered the outside of it with blood (par 6). Noahs ark was made of cypress wood, and was coated in pitch on the inside and out (614). It was 3 hundred cubits long, fifty cubits wide, and thirty cubits high (615). It had three decks, a door, and a roof (616).The Lord shut Noah in the ark with his family and the animals, and Utnapishtim shut himself in when the flood waters came (716 par 9). Each story tells of a set upon, but there are conflicting differences in each one. The storm in Utnapishtims story lasted for six days and six nights (par 14). On the seventh day, the rain stopped and the waters receded (par 14). They stayed in the boat for at least another week before they decided the land had dried enough (par 16). The storm in Noahs story lasted for forty days and forty nights (717).The floods were on the earth for a hundred and fifty days (724). Noah, his family, and the animals stayed on the ark for three hundred and ninety two days (76, 814). Utnapishtim stayed on the boat until the raven did not come back, and Noah stayed on the ark until God told him to come out (par 16 815-16). Noah and Utnapishtim each move out birds to let them know when they could l eave the boat, but sent out different ones in different parts of their stories. When the waters started to recede, Utnapishtim sent out a dove first, and she came back finding no place to rest (par 16).He then sent out a swallow, which also returned (par 16). The one-third bird he sent out was a raven, and she did not return, for she had found a place to rest (par 16). The first bird Noah sent out was a raven (87). He sent out the dove next, but she returned with no place to rest (88-9). He waited for a week and sent the dove out again, and she brought back an olive branch (810-11). He waited yet another week and sent her out again, but this meter, she did not return (812). In each story, the birds that let them know the water is gone are different.Noah and Utnapishtim seem to survive similar situations in each story, but they are a far cry from each other. Each of their boats is built in different dimensions, are made from varied kinds of materials, and structured differently. Th e storms in each story lasted for assorted periods of time, and they were inside the boats for different lengths of time as well. They both sent out different birds for various reasons in their stories. Each story clashes with the other in numerous distinctive ways.

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London by William Blake and Composed upon Westminster Bridge bt William Wordsworth Essay

The Revolution in France coincided with the aftermath of the Industrial Revolution of England. During this period the rich became richer, the poor became scour poorer, and major towns or cities became over crowded. The thoughts and feelings of the people living finishedout the country at this condemnation, often were expressed in poetic form. Two such poems set around the similar time and both set in capital of the United Kingdom be London, by William Blake and William Wordsworths Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.London is written nine long time in front Composed Upon Westminster Bridge, and split ups of the worthless of the people of London. A uniform and exact feeling is sensed in the opening two lines of the poem, as both streets and the Thames ar described as being chartered and something which is chartered is very exact and has a definite and set outline. The next two lines ending the first stanza tell of weakness and woe in every face Blake meets, meaning there is sad ness and regret along with vulnerability sensed by him as he passes people along his journey.The first two lines of the second stanza read of the cry of both men and infants. The reason why infants cry is beca aim they butt jointnot say what is hurting or annoying them. Therefore we ar led to realise that the suffering felt by the adults of London or of Man as it were, is so intense that even they cannot verbalise it and so they cry out. Ending the second stanza we read that the poet hears mind-forgd manacles. These are forms of alarms, enforced into the minds of people, holding them back from doing or saying certain things. We are told these fears are found in every persons voice, in every ban, meaning that these common fears are sensed by the poet, in every person he encounters.The opening lines of the tierce stanza again tells of crying and also now of admonition. In this case the chimney-sweepers cry is heard. In those old age chimney-sweepers were young children forced to g o out to work by their families. They did very difficult and pain staking work for very little money it shows their pain and suffering in doing so. Condemnation comes from the church. The religious leaders are appalled at the fact of this, yet the poet describes the church as swarthyening, giving us the conceit of an unpleasant refuge which turns a blind eye on the suffering of the sweeps. The closing two lines of the third stanza reads of a hapless soldiers breathe run in blood down the Palace walls. This conveys to us that the hopelessness felt by soldiers is stemming from the fact that their wel colde is not considered by those in charge. The soldier is sent to war by a ruler who cares little for him.The first three lines of the net stanza tells us that the majority of noise heard comes from youthful fancy womans curses/ which blasts the new born Infants tear. This performer that a lot of the noise heard during the night comes from young prostitutes shouting at young babie s to be quiet because they are crying. An uncomfortable and unsettling mix is created through the contrast of these young women who sell their bodies for sex, yelling at young, fearful and unadulterated infants.The final line is an ominous one containing the statement And blights with plagues the Marriage hearse. The fact that we are told of how the prostitutes are blighting with plagues the Marriage hearse is significant Marriage usually means a vivification just starting out with someone else, this contrasts with a hearse which carries coffins and so is usually linked with death and hence symbolises the end of a life. The curse and word of honors associated with disease give us a sense that sexually transmitted diseases are quickly spreading and they are readily killing all of society. Overall Blake takes a negative and strict viewing point of London which echoes the great suffering of the day.Another poem, set in London and written just nine years after London offers a contras ting tone to Blakes. It is William Wordsworths Composed Upon Westminster Bridge.Composed Upon Westminster Bridge is a similar poem to London as the poet is the one travelling through the London it describes, yet the poems contrast greatly. Wordsworth opens with an emphatic statement, praising London as he says it surpasses anything on the earth. In the second and third line Wordsworth makes the statement Dull would he be of soul who could pass by/A sight so touching in its majesty which means one would have to be dead inside if he/she couldnt appreciate such hit. The fact that Wordsworth uses the word majesty offers a regal sense, a regal bag giving us the idea of just how grand and magnificent this city actually is. This contrasts well with the disease ridden city described by Blake, using such words as plague and blight, giving the city an altogether unsettling atmosphere.In the fourth line Wordsworth starts out by giving the word City a capital letter, which stresses just how important the city actually is. Wordsworth then goes on to tell us how like a garment it wears/The beauty of the morning. Like a garment is a simile, and in this case Wordsworth uses clothing imagery to convey to us his point. The fact that he tie in this with the beauty of the morning suggests to us that this beauty fits well with the city.The ending of the fifth line flows into the sixth line and tells of a silent beauty of all of the man make things found in a city. A complete contrast to this, are the two references made by Blake of Mans creations telling us of blackning churches and blood-stained Palaces. A disturbing and unpleasant contrast to the silent beauty implied by Wordsworth. The next line tells of how these buildings merge seamlessly with nature Open unto the fields, and to the sky As this links directly with the previous line of the silent beauty of the citys buildings, Wordsworth is connecting man and Nature the city is at one with Natures wanders, at one with God. Blake makes no reference linking both man and Nature, in fact we are given but one reference to nature and that is of the chartered Thames, overdue to the fact of this we can only infer that Blake is trying communicate to us in fact the great over industrialised hell London truly is, and just how much Nature has been destroyed in order to create this city. Wordsworth ends this section by telling us in line eight of the injection as All bright and glittering in the smokeless air. conveying to us Wordsworths thoughts that London is very clean, very sparkling, beauteous and new. .In lines nine and ten Wordsworth makes another emphatic statement, literally exclaiming that at no other time has the sun, not even since creation, made the landscape more beauteous than currently in London. Neer saw I, never felt, a calm so deep shows of Wordsworths great surprise of just how beautiful London is. He cannot believe what hes seeing and so is very moved. This again differentiates with Blake s views on London.He tells of a common fear sensed within all people he met, that they are ill at ease and afraid to go freely around this great city. Which can only mean that London may not have been this great and calm city described by Wordsworth. The last lines in the poem are descriptive of the landscape and line twelve sees Wordsworth expressing the freedom felt by Nature The river glideth at his own sweet will. This contrasts greatly with the limits and restraints conveyed to us through the description of the Thames as being chartered. Suggesting to us the restraints put upon Nature, immobilising it from flourishing due to mans greed for industry and money.Wordsworth ends his poem exclaiming that it is so quiet and tranquil that even the houses seem asleep. The last line of the poem sets up London as being the heart of Great Britain, London is the thing which enables Great Britain to work correctly And all that mighty heart is lying still. We really sense Wordsworths surprise at finding this demand life force so still and at rest. This is the complete opposite to Blakes bustling, overcrowded and disease ridden city. The nights are filled with young harlots utter at screaming babies, while theyre out trying to earn a bit of money from sell in themselves for sex while. And all the time aiding to the destruction of society due to the spreading of disease.On the whole, undoubtedly my favourite poem is William Blakes London. I feel Blakes poem far surpasses Wordsworths as Blake offers to us a more realistic and altogether poignant atmosphere to Wordsworths happy and perfect city. I feel that his use of language and style of writing expresses well the perception of London during the course of industrialisation as being an overpopulated and disease ridden hell.

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Hamlet Theme Analysis Essay

In William Shakespeares tragedy hamlet, the title characters system of logical soliloquies, and over thinking of situations inhibit his abilities to act on his passions. Its safe to say that small town was a logical and reasonable person right from the start. In the society he was raised in nearly actions carried out through passion were considered taboo. Take jealousy, lust and vengeance for example in the play all of these passions are put into satisfying action by the people surrounding Hamlet. Every unrivaled but Hamlet realizes a move based on emotion Claudius murdered his brother for his crown, Gertrude quickly married Claudius, and Laertes takes r flatge on Hamlet. The prince, instead, takes the path of jetght and only allows himself to do what he ingests himself believe is the most logical.In the beginning Hamlet is distressed. He feels no compassion for his new stepfather considering him a little more than kin and less than kind (I.ii.67), as Claudius is non a repla cement for his father and Hamlet refuses to accept that. He most definitely does not stand for Claudius referring to him as son.His relationship with his baffle isnt any better. Hamlet feels a strong resentment toward this whole marriage business and expresses his fury through riddles in court. Ay, madam, he says disdainfully toward his mothers insistence that he stop mourning and that ending is a common occurrence, it is common (I.ii 76). In Hamlets eyes she has betrayed his father by marrying so soon, in fact by re-marrying at all curiously to Claudius, the kings brother.Claudius attempts to make it look homogeneous everyone is friends in the eyes of the court by trying to sympathize with Hamlet but ends up just telling him to suck it up and deal with his fathers death like a man. Take it to heart? Fie tis a disgrace to heaven/A fault against the dead, a fault to nature (I.ii 104). Hamlets mourning is not natural to his family much as their marriage is not natural to him. S o when his new daddy erotic love refuses to let him out of the country to go back to school Hamlet feels even more out of place because at a clock, he cant escape.In every soliloquy we hear from Hamlet there is talk of suicide. The most obvious of all, to be or not to be, that is the question (III.i.63) Or earlier call of self harm after the coronation of the new king. Or that the Everlasting had not fixd/His canon gainst self-slaughter (I.ii.134).However, Hamlet is a logical quat and he knows suicide would cause a heroic mess and besides, in the first soliloquy it is evident that Hamlet would rather be anywhere but Denmark, even the grave but he finds there are better things to be ranting about like his mothers remarriage. O matinee idol a beast that wants discourse of reason/Would have mournd longermarried with my uncle,/My fathers brother, but no more like my father/Than I to Hercules (I.ii.154). Hamlet cant find a single good thing to come out of this union and his opinio n of his mother has been pieceped onto its head. So he deals with an internal conflict But break, my heart, for I must hold my tongue(I.ii.162), he cant exactly go almost telling everyone that his mother is a whore. Shes the queen and he the prince, it would be more trouble than its worth to go about making accusations especially since Claudius do it clear that he was weird for mourning for so long. So, onward goes Hamlets little self/Claudius loathing party.Hamlets sure friend Horatio tells him some very interesting news. Horatio tells Hamlet that his fathers ghost had been spotted in the courtyards and that it wouldnt answer to anyone no matter what. Horatio believes that our late prince must see what this ghost has to offer. Hamlet is excited to say the least when the ghost appears That I will speak to thee. Ill call thee Hamlet,/King, father, royal Dane. O answer me(I.iv. 47). He follows the ghost and the ghost tells Hamlet that he was murdered by Claudius and that Hamlet m ust avenge him. He isnt sure what to make of this ghost at first, how can Hamlet be absolutely positive the ghost isnt lying or tricking him? After all, murder is a big order, he cant dive head first into that pool of accusations without verification.Hamlet decides he will act mad so to not engulf attention to his plans to butcher Claudius. This works for a while, no one suspects he knows of Claudius deed, not even Claudius himself. He definitely wouldnt suspect the prince to come into his put up and catch him while praying which is exactly what go ons. Hamlet is bedeviln his prey on a silver platter and decides against it. Now might I do it pat, now he is prayingand now Ill dot. And so he goes to heaven (III.iii.76).A reasonable explanation as to why Hamlet didnt kill Claudius is because he was s flushd. He was afraid to act on his passions thus, his mind gave him a reason not to do it if he killed Claudius while the man repented, his soul would be unfailingly sent to heaven. However, this is not the case That cannot be since I am still possessd/of those effects for which I did the murder(III.iii.55). Claudius does not sadness his decision, nor would he leave what he had gained through murder even for heaven. This hesitation revealed that Hamlet does not kill Claudius in the most logical and perfect time to do so because his passions had muddied his ability to think clearly. And so he continues with his mad facade.Everyone has noticed the princes new attitude and his mother grows worried for his sanity. Hamlet, thou hast thy father much offended (III.iv.9) If there is anything crazy Hamlet has latched onto as a vehicle upon which to launch his insanity, it is any honour of his late father. Especially mention that he has somehow failed his father. The queen claims that Hamlets behavior has upset his father and shamed the family. But quick and clever Hamlet simply quips fix you have my father much offended(III.iv.10).Gertrude is appalled by her sons beh avior and wants him to stop, but bringing up the late King Hamlet wasnt the best way to go around that. As Ive said, Hamlet is using any mention of his fathers death to flip the tables around and around and drive any serious conversation off course with puns and quips of his mothers hasty remarriage. Come, come, you answer with an idle tongue (III.iv.11). Go, go you question with a wicked tongue (III.iv.12).At one point during the conversation between mother and son it is hard to determine where Hamlets insanity begins and his act of madness ends. We are given, throughout the entirety of the play, one single act of passion from Hamlet that was done to simply give a larger voice to his slip on sanity. His murder of Polonius. He feels no remorse for the act, although he believed it to be Claudius and states after his mothers cries A spread over deed. Almost as bad, good mother/as kill a king and marry with his brother (III.iv.31). He continues Peace sit you down/and let me wring your heartfor so I shall,/if it be made of penetrable stuff(III.iv.38). Hamlet doesnt feel sorry for his mother either. He could care less if she was disturbed by her sons murder of Polonius, he was going to tell her that he was right and she was wrong and sinful and disgusting, because it fit with the mien Hamlet was trying to portray.Hamlet allowed this one, small, passionate outburst for the potential sake of avenging his father but even smart, logical Hamlet couldnt have predicted the consequences of this one act of passion because he didnt give himself the time to think it over. He never would have thought that their fathers death would trail poor Ophelia to madness or that Laertes would be so spited by it, or that it would get around that Hamlet himself had committed the murder.But all of these things do happen and they happen because of Hamlets one moment of passion. The prince discovers why acting passionately is a bad thing for him hes just not good at it. He cant judge when to, the whole could kill him now but Im not going to even if itd be so freaking easy, thing with Claudius and the Im gonna stab the curtain and see what happens, moment when he murdered Polonius.After Polonius murder and the denudation by Laertes that his sister is beyond mental, Claudius approaches the boy and tells him he can help avenge his fathers death. Laertes listens and latches to Claudius every word And where the offence is let the great axe fall./I pray you go with me (IV.v.234).The end of act four introduces a bit of a mess. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern were sent with Hamlet to see him killed in England, however, Hamlet is on his way back to Elsinore and Claudius is none too pleased. However, he quickly turns this information into a plan he can work with. He has Laertes corroborate allegiance to him will you be ruled by me? (IV.vii.63) and recruits the younger man into the lets kill Hamlet club.Thus, Hamlet finds himself in an unfortunate pickle. He had planned to kill Claudius and Laertes and they had planned to kill him, but Laertes acted sooner. Laertes let his passions guide his sword through Hamlets gut and Hamlet let logic lead him to the moment of his death logic led by the very vengeance he had sworn for the former king. A passionate vengeance called upon to give Laertes strength to murder the prince.Hamlets ability to look at a situation and make a logical, well- thought out choice made him a strongly intelligent character. However his inability to act on passions or make a decisive decision drew him closer to death in every page. Had Hamlet acted on his earlier plans and ideas, he may not be dead.

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China Coin and Rabbit Proof

hina Coin and Rabbit Proof compete Acceptance and understanding of ones get individuality are necessity for a sense of be. In run to feel a sense of inclusion in society, Individuals must have a cloudy understanding of their own identity. Without an word meaning of their close and belief, Individuals bath face a sense of exclusion from society. In the novel, The china Coin by Allan Baillie, Leah the protagonist refuses to accept her true identity which results in her not feeling a sense of belonging in society.This is contrasted in the film, Rabbit Proof Fence by Phillip Noyce, in which the protagonist, Molly has a deep understanding of her own/existing Aboriginal culture which assists in her over feeler all barriers and conclusion the place returning to the place where she feels comfortable in. A In The chinaware Coin Leah, the protagonist has accepted her Chinese heritage after several(prenominal) refusals and denials. At the start of the journey, Leah refused to believe in an d accept her Chinese Heritage. In the plane, Leah refuses to believe that she was coming shell because she had never been to chinaware before.Leahs acknowledgment of her father, David Waters being English, forced her into thinking that she had no connection with china despite the fact that her generate was Chinese. It is unequivocal through the internal monologue of Leah when the air hostess welcomes her home but Leah thinks to herself couldnt the woman see? She was not an ABC- Australian born(p) Chinese. Her feeling towards China and the intentions for coming to China are conveyed through another internal monologue by Leah, No, she wasnt leaving home.She was just ducking into a strange and probably unfriendly country to dispatch what Dad had starteda She only related and employ this journey to her Father but failed to understand the connection her mother had with China. A In Rabbit Proof Fence Mollys rich and deep understanding of her culture and identity helped her overcome all barriers provided against her by the white society. If you necessitate to get a full essay, order it on our website Ordercustompaper. com

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Great Expectations Essay

Great Expectations, a novel by Charles Dickens, was first published in England as a concomitant in the years 1860 and 61 then later as a novel. It runs to 448 pages in modern paperback. The work is considered to be autobiographical and told in first somebody as a memoir of the orphan boy, Pip. Dickens thesis is moral in nature, saying that love, loyalty and a clean conscience are more(prenominal) important than wealth, social class and ambition. Pip believes he is in love with the Estella, a ward of the rich Mrs. Havisham and seeks to become a gentleman in score to win her heart.He comes to realize his sister and her husband and the convicted criminal, Magwitch, though low in social class, display more character than those he knows of the upper class. Dickens, through his protagonist, advances the idea that nobility is not noble by nature, and one can advance on his own intelligence and work ethic (183). Mrs. Havishams family pull in their money in commerce but she still represe nts wealth. Dickens depicts her as a bitter and vengeful old woman, full of hatred for men. She uses Pip and encourages the similar Estella to break his heart (60).Pip comes into money and believes that the upper class Mrs. Havisham is his benefactress, which is not true. His money comes from the convict Magwitch who wants to make Pip a gentleman for his own reasons (335). Bentley Drummle, objet dart a minor character, is used by Dickens to show that nobility does not confer morality on a person. Dickens proves his thesis by the relating the callous behavior of the upper classes, compared and contrasted to the kindness of his poor family and the lower classes represented. He produces a litany of noble scoundrels and lowborn citizens with high moral fiber for the reader to consider.

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Essay On Political Parties In India Essay

Posted in National Issues of India by Vijay Jaiswal On lordly 29, 2013. No comments In a modern democratic political system of India, with presidential terms based on parliamentary model, political parties are central to the working of the political system.Political parties in Indian Democracy fire up the as spokesman of organized interests. Thus a Political party system in India is an arranging of like minded people based to addher either to preserve and promote group interests or to promote a particular ideology. Usually every party seeks to promote some particular interest and ideology. The political party constantly seeks to capture political big businessmans to secure its ends. In a democracy, the party gets into power through elections.In a Parliamentary system such of India, the political party winning the absolute majority of seats in the Lower House of the Parliament forms the Government, while the caller or Parties failing to get the majority constitutes the oppos ition. Thus the Parliamentary government is always a Party government. It whitethorn be the government of a single party or it may be the government of a coalition of parties.The temperament of political party system in India was characterized by Morris Jhones as a dominant one party system. It means that India basically has a multi-party system but one among the many parties is dominant party and monopolizes governmental power. Since independence up to the 4th general election in 1947 this was precisely the picture. The Congress party was in power during all the twenty years from 1947-67 both at the centre and in the states with a shortened exception in Kerala in 1958. The 1967 elections saw the fall of the Congress monopoly in several states where unstable coalitions were established. The one-sixth General Election in 1977 witnessed the fall of the Congress at the centre. The Janata Government was established. But the Janata experiment briefly failed. For Janata was in reality an unstable coalition. The Congress gained back its power in 1980. Then there was a B.J.P. coalition government at the centre and in few states.On the basis of their influence and aspirations, parties in India fall into two categoriesAll India politicalparties andregional political parties.Thus the Congress (I) or the Jananta Dal or the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) are truly All India parties having some sort of influence throughout India and having All India aspirations. there are some other political parties which are professedly All India parties but their influence is hold to particular regions. They may be classed us regional parties with All India aspirations. The Communist Party of India (Marxist), the Communist Party of India, the Forward Block, the new Socialist Party (R.S.P) etc. fall into this category. The influence of the C.P.I. (M) for example is concentrated in West Bengal, Kerala and Tripura.The regional political parties are those which are frankly regional in th eir aspirations accentuation their pagan or linguistic identities. The D.M.K. or the A.I.A.D.M.K. in Tamil Nadu, the Telugu Desham in Andhra, and the A.G.P. in Assam or the National concourse in Jammu and Kashmir fall into this category.There are also some frankly communal parties like the Shib Sena emphasizing their religious identity.On the basis of ideology, Indian parties may be classified into conservative, liberal democratic and new parties.The B.J.P. for example is a conservative party. The Janata Dal and the Congress are liberal democratic parties. The Communist Parties, the Revolutionary Socialist Party etc. are revolutionary parties seeking restructuring of the society along Marxian Lines, while the B.J.P. may be said to occupy the extreme right position in the political spectrum, the Congress, the Janata Dal point of view at the centre while the Communist Parties andthe R.S.P. occupy the extreme left position.

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Integrity: Core Issues in Ethics and Person Essay

right is not just one of the s steady-spot army value a soldier should bangly by, it is the basis and foundation of want, responsibility, discover, and honesty. If a soldier or anyone for that return does not earn impartiality they impart not be able to succeed in their profession, relationships, and in intent. The to a greater extent honest choices a person craps the more he move be leaveed, unless not just his give voice bequeath be trusted, that person impart gain more responsibility, collapse leadership positions, and more betaly more respect that person leave gain. The more you lead your life- sentence by integrity the divulge and easier it will be. When asked a question you should be honest and you should think closely your answer so that you are relaying correct information. Integrity has many meanings, doing whats right legally and morally, be honest, upright, and decent in our dealings with others. When we are guided by integrity, our thoughts, actio ns, and words are in wrinkle with each other, our actions align with our principles. Our conduct speaks for us, better than words ever could. It be counts the basis for both reput optionation and self-respect. Integrity demands courage.No matter who you are talking to you should be honest not untruthful, even if it makes soul upset. You should live with integrity everyday of your life no matter what. Developing integrity requires internal honesty, because we cant be honest with others unless we are honest with ourselves. It requires self-awareness, since we cannot accurately communicate what we do not neck. Integrity is not just a word, its a code to live by to lead a life of honesty and respect. If everyone in the world were to live with integrity the world would be a much better place to live in. people would be honest, respectful, and they would do the right matter no matter what. If a person with integrity were to find a wallet for instance, that person would try to find the rightful possessor of the wallet.If the owner was not found they would turn the wallet into the police station or to a deep in thought(p) and found where they had found it. Having integrity means you dont do anything or say anything that deceives anyone. You do not inhabit, you dont cheat, and you do not even bend the truth. Having integrity can similarly mean you having personal courage. Having the personal courage to stand up for what is right no matter the mint is very important to ones integrity, if you see soul doing something wrong it is important to correct them courteously so now they slam whats wrong and they can fix it before the problem gets to meritless or proscribed of control. A person should be straight and honest roughly everything no matter the consequences. You should never try to even deceive someone because they will find the truth about it. community of integrity can be counted on to stand up for what it right, even if it is unpopular, and to do the r ight thing even when there is no one almost to see. Integrity allows other people to trust you because they know that we value our commitments and seek to live by them. Every soldier in the military should live with integrity because we are all a brotherhood, everyone is a family in the military. We should all be true to ourselves, civilians, and especially our pesterer service members. Integrity does not discriminate either. It does not matter who asks the question, who is looking, or who is not looking you should forever and a day be truthful, and do the right thing no matter what. If a person alone and they know or even think theyre doing something wrong they shouldnt do it, that is covering integrity and showing others who you think may not be looking that you can do the right thing and be trusted when someone might need it most. Without integrity no one can trust you, even if you are telling the truth, no one will believe you because you issue already broken their trust i n you.They will not however check up on you invariantly entirely they will in any case not believe you until they confirm it for themselves. When you show the pretermit of integrity to someone they book to reside time out of their day and away from their families to either square you away or find out the truth, which makes it much worse on you if you did lie about something. It is always best to tell the truth the scratch line time though you may be punished for messing up it will be a dish easier to tell the truth than to lie about it and have to make up more lies to cover up the lies you already made. You moldiness have the courage and honor to tell the truth the first time. Not only is lying morally wrong entirely it will break the bond of a mans word and it will take a very long time to make it up and retrace that trust again. You cannot have responsibility without having integrity either. No one will trust you to do anything or to put you in charge of anything becaus e not only can they not trust you because you lied to them but because you have failed them at what they expected out of you. At a first impression people will have trust in you unless you lie to them or show you a reason not to trust you.If you lie to someone you show them not only that you are a liar but you have no respect for that person. Everyone deserves respect but the level of respect they deserve determines on the level of respect they show for other people and the amount of responsibility they can show a person. You must also have self-respect to have integrity if you dont respect yourself you cannot respect anyone else in this world. If someone put you in charge of other men you are responsible for their well-being, they should be able to come to you with any problem that might arise in their lives Honesty is the biggest factor of integrity in my opinion, to have integrity you MUST have honesty. You must be able to show a person that you can be trusted, but first you must have honesty in yourself. Without having honesty in yourself it is unworkable to be honest to other people. it is much easier to tell someone the truth first off than to lie to them because you will not only have lied once but you will have to make up more lies to cover up the first lie and more lies to cover up those and when someone finds out the truth it will be much worse on you than it wouldve been if you had just told the truth in the first place.If you lie to someone once you will continually lie to them unless you stop the lying and come forth with the truth and stand there take your punishment and learn from your mistakes right away and not have to keep making them. your reputation also depends on integrity because if you show a constant lack of integrity you show not only the person who is dealing with you but you show the others around you that you cannot be trusted and they will not want to do anything for you because you will have burned your bridge with them. Your in tegrity is now gone and your reputation is ruined. Your reputation is something that take a very long time to rebuild much like someones trust. It all depends on the persons trust that you lost on how long it takes you to rebuild that trust.Once you finally do regain someones trust it is important to keep that persons trust because if you break their trust again you become a habitual liar and you will lose their trust again and possibly forever. Integrity is also a major factor in deal making. If you make a deal or make a commitment you must engender to that deal. Having integrity is like having a contract, though it may not be in writing or an actual legal document it is however like a handshake. When you say you will do something you will do it if you have integrity because it is the morally right thing to do, it is a mans word and he must have the intestinal fortitude to stick to his word as if it was a contract.A persons word is all they have in this world because if someone wo rd cannot be trusted they will not make it anywhere in life especially if you make the lack of integrity a habit. Having integrity shows a person you can be trusted with just about any task you are put in charge of. You will do that task and not only do it right you will exceed that persons expectation. When you are assigned a task it is important to do it right the first time because not only will you have to go back a second time and do the task over again but in the military it could mean someones life at stake. A person must give every task they are assigned with over one hundred percent so that not only are the expectations met but they are exceeded by far.The army value integrity is put in place for a reason. That reason is to make an honest, trustworthy, responsible, and honorable soldier. All seven army values tie in together so that if you follow all seven you will be a trustworthy, honest, responsible, and respectable soldier. It is important to have integrity for many rea sons because without it you cannot be trusted, responsible and squared away. Once you live your life with integrity you will be trusted more, be able to take on more responsibility, but you will build your reputation in other people.Referenceshttp//

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“A Day without Feminism” Response

After reading A Day without Feminism, I literally say aloud, Wow, Ive taken so many things for granted. Im pretty certain(p) my roommate thinks Im strange for this sudden outburst, but it really shocked me to see how far the womens movement has taken our society in such a mindless amount time. In the remainder paragraph, the question is asked Has feminism changed our lives? The answer to that question is yes. I grew up attending a child-care center, playing in Little League, and taking the classes that every unity in my class took whether male or female.Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys were what we homogeneousd to blackguard grandma books. I won two softball State Championships on the varsity level. I took pre-calculus and calculus, sequence planning prom and decorating the gym. Girls and young women DO impart sex while theyre unmarried (on a pretty frequent basis too). When I raise a trip the gynecologist, she always tells me the side make of my birth control choices. Rarely a day goes by without hearing of an opposite girl whos decided to explore the lesbian lifestyle. With this being said its clear the world I continue barely resembles the world these women were born into.Some of these situations that took authority honorable under forty years past seem completely outrageous. Its really hard to believe women actually let things standardized this happen. Examples that stick with out in my mind the most include women being strapped down and lying down, made to thrust the child against gravity for the doctors convenience and a woman going under the injure to see if she has breast cancer and waking up to find that the choice (Halsted mastectomy) has been made for her. The conditions of my childhood compared to things like this happening add an overall shock effect in this reading.Although there is such a prodigious shock effect present, I do not feel as if Baumgardner and Richards wanted the shock to master the reader in a way that seemed outrag eous, but they wanted make the reader realize that it would be unfair to consider these advancements as privileges. Privileges are advantages gained usually as a result of wealth or social status, not something fought hard to earn. Its unfair that we (women) are constantly made to feel that we should be thankful for the social changes that have taken place over the last century. These rights should have never been an issue.They shouldve just been a part of our daily lives, as they were for males. Baumgardner and Richards ask the questions in the second paragraph Is feminism loose? and Do we need new strategies? I feel like the spirit of feminism isnt dead at all. One milestone, which sticks out clearly in my mind as part of the feminist movement, took place just a short time ago. This milestone occurred somewhat the time that Hilary Clinton entered herself into the race for presidency. It was one of those mountains a woman needed to climb and Hilary Clinton was the first do so. Im definitely not seek to put Hilary Clinton on a high pedestal.I realize there are many other women who have done phenomenal things over the past thirty years, but its just one major example in the progress of feminism I have noticed in my short eighteen years on earth. To answer the second question, I dont feel like the strategies need to be changed. With writings such as A Day without Feminism floating around and women running for presidency and vice-presidency, I have no doubt that feminism will remain alive(predicate) until the ultimate goal has been reached. In conclusion, it is essential for us to see change is part of every memorial and culture.The feministic changes that have been made in the United States were necessary and there is still a lot go away to do. After reading A Day without Feminism its clear to see our mothers and grandmothers worked hard to make sure we would we would someday reach an even plateau with men and its our job to make sure the same is true f or future women raised in this country. We should celebrate our female foremothers who had the vision that we should have more. Women have fought for everything we have and we need to continue to the good fight so that one day women will no longer need to fight this fight.

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Working mothers

Instead traditional feminism has eternally focused on ashen bourgeois needs. Traditional values fall to recognize how womens different identities much(prenominal) as race, class, and sexuality shape our views and beliefs about family and motherliness. Many believe that sh atomic number 18d mixer issues such as women rights bring women together, merely what many do not train ar the different Identities such as class, race, and sexuality within sexual activity, that mint cause dateing views. The quote above by Joan Williams Is a will In understanding how these deferent identities within women can puzzle a delving factor In their beliefs.Specifically womens beliefs and affairs In the family are Influenced by their Individual Identities. These Intersections of identities play an important role in womens beliefs on motherhood. Through the socio-economic class readings I will show how the notions of motherhood changes by these different identities. Womens voiceicipation in the lying-in, education, national duties as well as views on marital side and child rearing will show the family within womens notions of motherhood. America underwent a change in 1945 that had never been suck inn before.Despite representation in that respect was a conflict from WI in the ass. There was a shift from reduction to consumption, where America was suffern as living the good life. By 1960 Americas Income had Increased, and by the end of the decade Americans were moving up In prosperity. What history falls to acknowledge are the women who feel disorientated and discontent. The asss and asss was also a time filled with anxiety and alienation. As Betty Friedman puts it there was a shadowed uneasiness that is the mark of this period. The sasss was an odd period of time, where many social issues were taking sic.Nevertheless women continued to enter the working class force, which suggested the developing antinomy for women after the war. In the 1 asss as Friedman suggest people were politically and culturally conservative, berthicularly regarding gender and family issues, which made exploring new opportunities difficult for women due to restrictive gender norms. Through the lives of middle-class washcloth women Friedman uses labor force participation to show their beliefs of motherhood. The role of a housewife to some may seem simple, as If they make believe nothing to do however to take care of the children and municipal duties.But what many fall to see are that these women are well educated and hold traditional ideologies of the family in which women sacrifice ones fulfillment ender role expectations. Womens behaviors and beliefs were in relation to men, which created a lack of fulfillment amongst women. Friedman argues these housewives needed competition and should make contributions to society. Friedmans argues that middle-class smock women needed to find something fulfilling in society to feel a since of purpose. To get away of w hat society tells them to do, and emerge living for what they would want to do.Surprisingly womens actions did not reflect their beliefs. Though these women were educated enough to have careers but, many erect it beat out eatable to become a housewife because it was the gender norm for women to stay at blank space and be the caregivers while men should become the breadwinners outside the base. These beliefs countered womens fulfillment as a woman but filled their beliefs on motherhood. Friedman titles masculine ideologies of motherhood that creates feelings of emptiness as The Feminine Mystique. Its overpowering, hegemonic dynamic in the twist place and in the homes, where men carry the power enforce gender roles.These women adopt the Feminine Mystique, for the purposes of mollify to societies expectations, but Friedman clearly shows how the traditional views of others are not holding strong in these womens beliefs. Women were becoming identity card and tired of being a hous ewife. This shows the view of motherhood for these women would be to have a much alive(p) part in the community, take care of the domestic duties and fulfill the husbands needs but their fear of dismissal a winst mens ideologies of motherhood keeps them confined.The intersecting identities of class, education status and gender played a role in how these women view their roles in the family. Becoming a stay at home mom may have not always been by choice but by sacrifice. Gender roles have proven to be influential on womens beliefs on others. Despite Friedman pushing for women to become contributing factors in society, Bart wash in Black Working Wives offers a counterpoint to the norms of white middle- class families. Black women are normally excluded from white framework of motherhood.He incorporates race un standardized Friedman as a contributing identity that shapes ignominious middle-class womens notions of motherhood. Participants were low middle-class two parent families. The black women in these families took care of domestic duties, cared for the children and had an active part in the community, which allowed black women more freedom. Black women in most cases did not have the option of staying home. They engage careers outside the home because they believed a true woman could do both. The notion of mother hood was achievement in both public and private spears.The black community held a different standard then their white counterparts. The black community appreciated womens intelligence and their independence. Womens in Friedmans hold looked to their husbands for the decision making or else then formatting and expressing their own views. There is a big divide in how women in Friedmans reading and Landers book viewed womanhood partially due to the racial preference and also because of class. For white families you could be middle-class whole on the husbands income.Black families did not share the same experience, to Laundry challenges domestic ity as she focuses on African American women. looking at black families we can see a transition of the traditional family to a more theme modern family. The male ideologies of motherhood were also different as unlike there white counterparts black husbands had the expectation for their wifes to work outside of the home, which allowed black women to become more active in the community. The egalitarian mental capacity of black families combined the public and irate spear.Working outside of the home gave black women more respect inner(a) of the home. Race has played a significant difference in expectations of working wives. Black women did more because there family needed both incomes to be middle class. They face more criticism in the work place and carry the burden of isolation from the male counterparts coming home from an oppressed workplace. On the other have white women stayed at home because they had stronger beliefs in ideologies. Catering to the household and their husban ds were put over their own needs.Women in both readings lacked fulfillment. Men shared unequal responsibilities in doing housework, which is an issue that has been solved. The power dynamic of who is responsible for the domestic duties, stems from male ideologies. Men in both readings are the primary breadwinners therefore lack the obligating in serving with domestic duties. Friedman and Laundry take on two different perspectives on motherhood. While Friedman is pushing women to become active contributors in their communities Laundry is showing how black women have been working for year to support their families.Here we can see how identities such as class and race can create a incision amongst gender and also shape beliefs on motherhood. Women who participate in labor both inside and outside of the home have contradicting beliefs on motherhood. In Mary Blair-Loss book Competing Devotions she looks at how women in both spears view labor and family schemas. Work devoted women in th e reading were well education and help high power part Jobs. They worked practiced time which became time demanding and had to sacrifice their extracurricular time for work. They felt up their Job was important and more like dynamic work.Women wanted to become more economically independent from men UT at the same time their high-end Jobs meant working long hours, which left them tired and facing discrimination from male restraint in the work place. Women felt that they were providing a better life for themselves and their children. Their beliefs of motherhood was not to fulfill domestic duties like cleaning and cooking every day but to provide the economic needs for their children so they would always have what they needed. The family devoted women sought marriage and child rearing as their primary devotion.Some women worked part time but still took care of the domestic duties. Families believed their roles to be biologically destined, where men should work full time outside the home. Family devoted mother criticized work devoted mother for not sp conclusion more time with their family and work devoted women criticized stay at home mothers by saying they are lacking(p) fulfillment and depended on men. equal the women in Friedmans reading these women held a more traditional view of womanhood. Like all mothers both schemas came with their sacrifices, which they people for support and shunned the opposite schema.The notions of motherhood aligned with the schema these women adopted. It is interesting to see the role education played in choosing which schema to adopt. Womens views on motherhood relied not only schemas but also their beliefs on marriage. Kathleen Eden and Andrew Cheering search to find the problems as to why low income white and black single mothers are not getting married. The study finds five reasons to why women are loath(p) to enter or reenter into a marriage. The same five reasons are also how they define womanhood.Women sought having ch ildren before marriage fulfilling, but did not count on being single. Women saw affordability, respectability, control, trust and domestic vehemence as important measures when looking into marriage. These women felt if they were to be in another relationship it would be with a man that would uplift her status. These women wanted a man that they could trust and count on to support them and a child. Class, race and previous experiences shaped these low-income single women notion of motherhood. Due to their low social economic status they wanted a man that could take care of their family.Because they claimed there was a scarcity of black nice men, they looked for affordability and respectability and because of their previous experience they wanted someone they could trust. These women had their own economic stability but anted to gain upward mobility and believed having a decent trustworthy man will fulfill their notion of motherhood. Lastly by means of Mignon Moors chapter Lesbian Motherhood and Discourses of Respectability we can see the ways in which lesbian women form motherhood through womens sexual autonomy, and an emphasis in strength and resilience.The reading discusses a lesbian woman named Jackie who has adopted her sisters child. Jackie overcame a massive struggle with social services in finalizing her adoptive rights to Andrew. Her refusal to hide her sexuality supports the notion of black womanhood that communicates a sense of sexual autonomy. Jackasss beliefs of what it meant to be a good mother derived from her childhood past. What she never had as a child she gave to Andrew and she made it her personal responsibility to see that he was safe, and stayed out of trouble.For women like Jackie challenges such as race, family structure and poverty influenced how she defined motherhood. Lesbian mothers have accepted a social responsibility based on family obligations, and have looked into their upbringing and personal experience for defining lesbian single woman named Athena had difficulty with telling her child from a previous heterosexual relationship that she was a lesbian. Athena did not feel comfortable identifying herself as a lesbian because she not only felt stigmatize from the community and family but she felt it was best to keep her sexuality unexposed to protect her child.By Athena not coming into terms with her lesbian identity it ruined her relationship and her chances to gain fulfillment in life. With the ending of her relationship with her partner we can see her understanding of motherhood. She defines motherhood as self-sacrificing for the good of the child. The be given toward sexual autonomy is a struggle for women who are reluctant about their identity. Drawing a division between the two identities becomes difficult for women who are heterosexual lens and absorb cultural understandings of good motherhood in ways that make it difficult for them to view their lesbian sexuality in a official light (130).There is a constant fight when one is forced to choose between who they are and what is best for their child. Unfortunately the one parallel between all women are the sacrifices they endure for their families. We can she a redact of mothers living in traditional families to more radical contemporary families, and all define motherhood differently. Women re forced to navigate motherhood through tough circumstances, which can become difficult.As seen in the reading womens roles are stretched so thin it becomes inevitable to find a suitable balance for themselves within the family needs. We can see that motherhood can vary through the different identities such as class, race and sexuality. No womens identities and experiences are the same, which make motherhood hard to generalize and allows motherhood to also divide gender. It becomes a forced decision rather then a choice that women struggle with in their daily life. Motherhood has become an internal battle between selfish and selfless.

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How to Study and Discuss Cases

The grounds discover is a powerful learning tool for a rail line major student. We may find interpreting and writing about cases mystifying, challenging, or downright frustrating. primary of all, we should put one across good attitude, such as personal initiative, self-reliance, curiosity, taking risk and patience.. We should be initiative to study, and to have confidence in ourselves, but also to think independently and find the ascendents. Curiosity is necessary to garner us to observe and discover all stuff that related to the cases.Dare to take risks, because failure is the stupefy of success. To have enough patience to think about the case solution. Second, good infrastructure is also classic to our case study. The infrastructure includes study environment, tool, other relative context for communication channel case study. Studying in the right place is necessary to us to ensure the quality of learning and thinking because noisy environment diverse out attention from the cases.We also need enough time to read and analyze a case, and spend at least 90 minutes there for each case study. Business mental lexicon is an important tool for us to analysis cases because many people are not English speaker, and business dictionary helps those people understand all the terms in cases it is a prerequisite for understanding the case. Expanding the bill of reading is another tool to understand and solve cases, especially business newspaper, magazine, and business-news Web site on the Internet.Those business reading materials not only help us build a context for the case study you are trying to solve at the moment and contain connections between the case study and current events, but also helps us know recent market dynamics. Learning to use computer software such as Microsoft Excel to analyze the data in the case. We should form a study conclave and meets frequently because we will learn more and perform better in class participation by discussing the cas es together in a learning team. We also need to know out professor because the professor is part of the learning infrastructure.Finally, we should keep good execution as well. Read the cases really quickly in the first reading, but do not take notes on the first reading, and read the first a few(prenominal) paragraphs that usually say a well-constructed about the problem. Then, go through the exhibits and the data to analysis them. Focus on some basis questions, such as Who are the protagonists in the case? , Who must take operation on the problem? and so on. Getting answers for those basis questions is the first step of understand entire cases. Finally, we should specialize the problem based on the concepts, principal and theorem.After defining, we need to think about the solution of the case. When we make solution decision, we keep self-confidence and trust ourselves. In conclusion, analysis business case study is a comprehensive progress. Because there is no right answer to these cases. When we are in the class, we participate actively in support of our conclusions, but still be open to new insights since there is no an exact solution to such cases. Business case studying is a good way of thinking about business situation that we can carry from one job to the future. It is also to lead us to win in the future.

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I want to be a computer scince teacher this way i chose this major Personal Statement

I want to be a computer scince teacher this way i chose this major - Personal record ExampleToday, I can confidently claim that I am a computer expert. I perplex troubleshot many intricate computer problems that many people, with good computer knowledge can non do conventionally. Software, hardware, whatever my friends and siblings have trouble with, I am the one to be consulted, and by the aggrandize of God, I usually do not disappoint them.I have always kept a computer major subject included in my studies in schools so far. I have been earning superior grades in the subject and my credentials stay evident to that. Having accoutered myself with the knowledge of computer to an unusual level, I intend to build my career in this field. Now that I am about to join college, I want to study Computer Science. I have explored many colleges and universities online and on other forums. I have also sought advice from my seniors and elder siblings. After having consulted so many people and sources, I have reached the coating that your college is indeed, the best institution for studying Computer Science in. Your college is equipped with latest computer technology. I personally feel that a students access to the underlying concepts and traits of Computer Science is the most central in your college. The faculty is quite experienced. The curriculum is rich enough to ensure the conveyance of knowledge in a solid manner. All of this is further enchanted with the conventional teaching practices prevalent in your college. In addition to that, the college timings suit me a lot. I can easily adapt to the routine and deliver my best.I personally want to be a Computer Science teacher in the future. God has jocund me with unusually large computer knowledge. I feel that it is my social responsibility to impart as oft of it to young generation as much I can. This would content me and I would have a jot of accomplishment that would be priceless. Teaching Computer Science is m y dream. I look forward to

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Micro and macro economic on us trade Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Micro and macro economic on us trade - see ExampleMicroeconomics pertains to the economic decision and choices that ar made by individual consumers, unswervings and industries and the impact it has on the parcelling of resources, demand and supply in economies of the marketplace. As demand and supply determines the prices of goods and services available in the market, microeconomics likewise defines how prices feature in various economic decisions and vice versa. Micro economists are principally apprehensive somewhat studying numerous reasons of market failure and signifying means to correct or stop them, mostly with the attend to of public policy or by involving the presidential term. (Bernanke, 2003) Monopoly is one of these failures that the market faces. Monopoly mainly crops up when a byplay produces a good at too cheap a price that its competitors are forced to render the market. In the US, true Monopoly is rare these days, still IBM, Microsoft and Wal-Mart are borde ring to it. Whereas, Oligopoly strikes when, in a specific industry, some of the dogmatic businesses collate and set the prices as per their choice for the entire industry to either fallow or set forth the market. Oligopolistic industries in the US include accounting and audit services, aircraft, military equipment, music recording industries and film. (Dwivedi, 2002) Businesses that are well-built whitethorn consider monopolizing the market by either controlling all possible ways of production or purchasing industrial resources, therefore forcing the competitors to shut down and leave. Not all businesses are granted the rights to control an industry as some governments do intervene and stop such acts. Monopolies and other failures of the market are deemed undesirable and inefficient means of allocation of resources, by the micro economists, and that is the reason why they are not acceptable in all industry. It is suggested by these economist that Perfect Competition shall be ut ilized to counterpoise the demand and supply ratios. It is the only mean whereby no single firm or individual rules the market price of the goods or services. The price of the product is determined by its total cost and the dough depend on the demand the product has. Perfect Competition maximizes both consumer utility and the profits of a firm while utilizing the resources in an efficient manner. Sadly, these suggestions are seldom infallible as economics consists of numerous interactions amongst various market forces that are complex in nature. It is almost impossible to foresee the outcome of any economic policy. The job of micro economists is to suggest resolution of market failures that has the finest effect no matter what the unintended costs are. (Gwartney, 2009) Microeconomics also determine the most suitable policies keeping in mind the reaction that result be derived from the incentives and disincentives given to the public in such policies. For instance, in the US in dustries are allowed in urban areas the smoke and particles of chemicals will damage the water and air in the locality. This will not only make believe people fall sick, resulting in increase of healthcare facilities and medication and but also hurt the ecological lifecycle of that area. Furthermore, due to the lost beauty of nature, tourism will also be affected. To prevent such hazards, the government controls the areas where such industries are allowed to function, on the advice of the micro economists. If the company does not find this condition conducive to their profits they whitethorn choose to relocate elsewhere this would increase unemployment in that area therefore the government may opt to give them some incentive to stay back. This may include a tax hoo-hah for sometime till they make enough profits to accommodate this policy

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The Role of Women in the Late 19th Century Essay

The Role of Women in the Late 19th Century - Essay causeThe progressive era and the oppressive thinkings prevalent The recently 19th coulomb can be thinking of as an era where rapid business and economic changes occurred, progression in terms of the legal rights and master key attitudes of women occurred. The image of San Francisco in the early twentieth century in the public areas is considerably portrayed by Jessica to be one comprising of substantial stone clad buildings, visible down Market Street with a lively mixture of people which comprised of women in long dresses and hats and working women in business suits (Jessica, 2011, pg 11). The women in the deep 19th century approach much oppression in the work place especially in male dominated areas. Sexism or gender discrimination was at its peak in this era as female workers in highly proficient jobs faced opposition from both sexes. The major role of the women in the novel 19th century was that of a housekeeper and car etaker of the children. The women from wealthy families hosted parties for business reasons and charity raising purposes. Working women faced a huge opposition from their family, society and at the work place. The women in the 19th century were baffling in some(prenominal) reform movements like the womens rights to suffrage, feminism to pacifism, temperance to abolitionism which changed the American history and gained many rights for the women (Kathleen, Therese, 1996, pg 25). There were many informal community groups involved to bring about a change in the neighborhood, the state, the society and ultimately in the nation. Women began to enter into all fields like journalism, photography, law, medicine and engineering. The publications like newspapers and magazines compete a major role in the upliftment of the women (Kathleen, Therese, 1996, pg XVII). The right to vote was given to women in the 19th century by the joint effort of many womens right movements active at that time. D iscussion The apply the Russian Hill murders by Shirley portrays the background found in the late 19th century well in relation to how the women were treated, expected to behave and the general culture over the period of time. The book is a murder mystery set in the 19th century and the incident occurs at San Francisco. The female put out in the book is Sarah Woolson who is an attorney at law in the late 1880s, inspired by her render who was a Judge (Shirley, 2005, pg 15). The level in itself is a major obstruction for her as she is taken into the firm reluctantly and in every manner possible the firm tries to push her down from her professional practice. The women in the 19th century had demanding work, much more tough than practicing criminal law in terms of the physical effort they had to spend I find it strange that practicing law in a comfortable well-heated emplacement is considered too demanding an occupation for women. (Shirley, 2005, pg 6). Sarah overcomes the numerou s oppositions she faces with a helpful few while following the female etiquette demanded from women during the late 19th century. Conclusion In the book Russian hill murders (Shirley, 2005) the social status of women in the late 19th century is well analyzed. The characters are all well portrayed and the background description fits in well with what existed in reality in the late 19th century. The lead character Sarah gives us an idea of how women in male dominated fields were treated in the 19th centur

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Excessive Force Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Excessive Force - Essay ExampleThis essay will take up the incident, analyze the use of twitch and will look into measures to prevent police misconduct.Police Officer Edward Krawetz was convicted of a felony assault in March 2012 for the use of excessive force. Officer Krawetz was caught on video kick Donna Levesque (suspect) in the face, while she sat on a curb, handcuffed, in May 2009 (Allen, 2012). Although Krawetz claimed self-defense, the video clearly showed the officer kicking Levesque hard after she kicked him. Other officers at the scene agreed that Officer Krawetz was never in danger. after(prenominal) a trial, Karawetz was sentenced to a 10 year suspension without pay and to undergo counseling. In addition, the police incision served him with a notice of effect. He will appear to a board hearing made up with three panel officers in accordance with the Officer Bill of Rights on a later date. accord to Eyewitness News 12, it was reported that the incident was Karawetz s second conviction (Daly, 2012). Officer Krawetz was previously convicted for a misdemeanor assault in 2001. Given the outcome of Karawetzs actions, it can be assumed that termination from service was something that Karawetz was expecting.Regardless of the reason leading to the arrest of a suspect, police officers are required to manifest integrity beyond approach (Ortmeier, 2006). Officers should never use unnecessary force or violence unless the situation necessitates it. Although there is no standard operating procedure for evaluating excessive force when subduing a suspect, common instinct plays a good role when apprehending a suspect after employing handcuffs. The Constitution and other laws place limits on how far the police can enforce the law using appropriate measures. The use of excessive force should be as low as possible unless the officer is being threatened or in danger. According to Segans (2012)

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Customer comparision - Kohl's vs. Home Depot Essay

client comparision - Kohls vs. base destination - Essay ExampleBoth companies build customer value by offering customers both a wider range of channels, and more personalized treatment through the integration of channels.Recent years, US retailers have maintained high-speed growth through continuous optimization of its increase/service strut and technological innovation. It has also realized rapid expansion through capital injections. The changes are closely committed with Internet facilities and WWW which opens international markets for these companies. Be in one of the most highly rated industries for stability and success, Home Depot and Kohls offer an opportunity to everyone who wants to change his home and personal style. Home Depot is a US based company. It is a leader in home improvement retail market. Today, Home Depot relies chiefly on an efficient technology innovation system and supply chain. Home Depot is the reciprocal ohm largest retailer operating over 1,700 stor es in North America. The company operates Home Depot stores, Expo purpose Centers, Home Depot Supply Stores, Home Depot Landscape Supply Stores, and Home Depot appall Stores (Speight, 2004). Kohls is a national retailer proposing a wide range of products for the whole family our stores are stocked with with everything you need for yourself and your home - apparel, shoes & accessories for women, children and men, plus home products like small electrics, bedding, luggage and more ( designate market of Home Depot involves professional users and non-professional users from middle classes. Home Depot offers products and services primarily to builders, contractors, municipalities, industrial customers and maintenance professionals (Hall, 2007). Kohls target audience also involves middle class consumers looking for high product quality and good service. Customers within the segment are similar to each other and dissimilar to other groups of customers in other seg ments. Today, Home Depot orients

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Federal Express (Canada) Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

federal Express (Canada) - Case Study ExampleFurther, FedEx which is known and believe for its integrity, according to Birla (2005), breaks its promises of refunding the company and, therefore, this paper addresses the alternate strategies that could foster any organizations thrive.This report is based on the inconveniences experienced by Desktop Innovations (DI) as a result of poor service provision by the Federal Express Company (FedEx). The Desktop Innovations parting manager (Anita Kilgour) wrote a letter to the FedEx Company following their late delivery of one big bucks and their stroke to prompt necessary communications. In her letter, the office manager detailed the problems encountered in using the FedEx to convey packages to Simpsonville, second Carolina from Kitchener, Ontario. The letter states that of the two packages supposed to arrive at Simpsonville for a trade show, only one package was received and the other one was alienated on the way. It was later disc ev eryplaceed that the missing package had lost its shipping bill at Memphis and was sent back to Toronto. This resulted in loss of huge amounts of money amounting to $1200 on the booth Charlotte show and fee. Time was in any case wasted and an accumulation of up to 3 hours on border calls by the office manager to FedEx office as a follow-up of the missing package. Furthermore, the FedEx Company which was trusted of its high integrity in product delivery had incredibly failed to respond to the managers fears and level failed to keep their promise of refunding or crediting the company as per their rules of commitment.In her later, Anita Kilgour reported the missing package and also complained of the misconduct of the FedEx Company for failing to abide by their promises, which of course had made it gain trust over other organizations. Anita tried making a number of phone calls to the office to follow up on the progress in search of the missing package but unfortunately she always