Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Business marketing Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Business marketing - Case Study ExampleQuality is AAA Office globes surest way of establishing a good market standing (Kourdi, 2003).The fact that the companys outline involves both regional and local suppliers shows that it has vast presence. It is prudent that AAA prioritizes new-product development. Continuous product development helps turn the companys offerings. However, product development requires many resources and can easily overshadow promotion of existing products. Product promotion should also be allocated more resources because it will not only help affirm many customers of the companys products but also instigate hype for its new products. Hype would be assured for AAA because its existing and new products deliver on the things that consumers are promised. Promotion will harbour customers to look out, always, for AAAs next product (Ireland et. al., 2012).Stasia Acosta should consider taking up Business meanss offer. One of the reasons that underpin the feasibilit y of this move is the fact that AAA has excess capacity and could shell out Business Centers orders and still have enough to supply its other stationers and suppliers. Such a production capacity would have the advantage of expanding AAAs distribution network because it would capitalize on both Business Centers many vast presence and that other supplies. It is fortunate that Business Center is want the line of file folders that brings Stasia 20 percent gross margin only. The performance of this line of file folders involve a move that will help raise its gross margin to be at comparability with those of other lines of file folders. Doing away with this line of file folders is the other option that Stasia can consider to throne with its minimal performance but this option would be tantamount to the commodity end of the business that Ramon deeds so hard to avoid (AAA Office World

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