Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Abortion Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 1

Abortion - Essay ExampleThis enzyme deficiency prevents the metabolization of phenylalanine. According to medical and health estimable considerations, every child born with PKU should be placed on a special humble phenylalanine nutriment for a period not less than five years of their life. This is thought to have happened to Martha. It was honorable to consider this when Martha was young and developing. The ideal situation Martha was placed in was to ensure that life is protected at all costs. As such, it is important for Martha to consider abortion for the sake of her life since failure to abort is promising to put the lives of both the child and her in jeopardy. The diet is a necessity in order to impose or prevent occurrence of sever retardation. Nonetheless, the diet is actually burdensome. This is when considered that Martha is in some state of bother with her relationship and marriage with the father of the child. Martha has done no problem of being engaged with this situ ation. However, she should take discreetness of Dr. Rs emphasis and advice since she is about to care for more(prenominal) than one life. Martha is not exposed to confine foods. She is supposed to consider and stick to the use of the medical food, which is of bad taste and notwithstanding protects her from ill health. Considering gestation in such a case is another tedious thing since it has been proved that she is in a more difficult situation now that she is pregnant. Dr. Rs advice of considering abortion is deeply directed at reducing any possible thwart of life if she continuous requireing the pregnancy to birth. Yes, she is considerate of the situation that her morality from religion does not allow her to abort. Nonetheless, avoiding aborting in such a scenario is poised at risking the lives of two people, more importantly her life with that of the fetus (DeGrazia and Jeffrey 45-56). Martha is at a point of making a crucial finality considering the situation that it i s like she is fighting a fight of life and death. According to her doctor, abortion will crystalise the issue of the present life, as stated by the medical ethics at hand. The fetus is yet to be given an opportunity to grow and live, though this will be negatively affecting on the possibilities of living in Marthas point of contention. Thus, if Martha is poised to consider abortion, she will have managed to successfully limit any occurrence of life-neglect since it is well foreseeable that she is likely to risk and kill her life together with that of the child. Her go along carriage of the fetus is like an approach of difficulty pertaining life and death, something that should not be given a chance in any medical ground poised with medical and health ethics. Furthermore, Martha is up to the fact that she has been inconstant in her diet. She has failed in remunerating the proceeds of her health discipline. As such, she should consider abortion owing to the fact that if she continu es to carry the fetus she will be up for a tedious end. If Martha J is resolved to carry her fetus to term, Dr R will be in a huge debt instrument of trying to vestibular sense between the lives of two people, who survive the ordeal of living a short and exposed life. It is the responsibility of Dr R to oversee and ensure that Martha has fully adhered to the precepts of t the diet at hand. If he fails to do so and then he will be acting contrary to the ordeals of medical ethics, which requires him to do so. First, Dr R is endowed with the responsibility of ensuring that Martha has stepped up to the challenge of her ruthless medication as she had experienced during childhood. At the moment, it is not a larger-than-life deal for her to metabolize phenylalanine. Nonetheless, now that she is expected to carry her pregnancy to term, she should maintain the same low-level phenylalanine diet through out the course of

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