Sunday, July 28, 2019

Network Security Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Network Security - Essay Example Cyber security made the greatest move on the discovery of Stuxnet, computer software, which is believed to be the first warfare weapon and a computer virus that attacks and destroys industrial computer programs. Over the past years there has been a great debate about the Stuxnet virus. This computer worm was first used to wipe sixty percent of Iran’s computer network and programs. The Stuxnet attack has far-reaching policy implications and cyber-security, since it demonstrates that states are vulnerable to crippling cyber actions from other states. The source and the exact purpose of the virus are not well known to the international community. The software was basically designed to target industrial equipment. It is an IT discovery which attacks programs and destroys information aimed for an attack. Since the discovery of the software, different opinions regarding its application have been forwarded by many computer experts among other members of the public. Views against the device have been raised while other individuals considered it a security device that can be used to improve security in a nation (Reveron, 2012). An observation on this device portray that there is a difference in the style of coding used in the software that initially affected the targeted states and the software that deploys once the virus has penetrated the state’s defenses. The device has therefore been believed to have been a collaborative effort between its two developers, the United States and Israel. According to other experts in various defense departments, the highly complex computer software was the first of its kind. It is said to have been written to specifically target critical mission control systems that run a specific combination of software and hardware. Many experts believe that the kind of research coordinating and planning required to undertake this specific kind of multi-stage attack on an industrial control system is most likely

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