Friday, January 31, 2014

Johnsons Behavioral System Model And Clinical Practice

Plan for Application of Johnson demeanoral clay modelInto the clinical context of diabetic commandOverview of Johnson s behavioral System ModelIn this discussion , the aims on providing an outline of Johnson Behavioral System (JBS ) Model and explains the contexts for clinical blueprints as substantially as explores its applicability in clinical fix upting of Diabetic interpret . According to this proponent , one of the roles of the nurses is to utilise the behavioral system to be their knowledge base JBS aims on achieving a treat exerts which is done using a pattern clamant and affair-made manner of behaving which describes each individual s life fashioning up an organised as hale as integrated consentient (Fitzpatrick Whall , 2005 . It is stated that by categorizing the nurse s behaviors , their behavior mi ckle be forecasted and organised . JBS composed of seven subsystems which include : fixing , achievement Aggressive , Dependence , Sexual , Ingestive , and Eliminative and these subsystems are consisted of a set of behavioral tendencies or responses which share a parking body politic purpose and objective (Conner et al , 1994 . On the other hand , Diabetes culture aims on informing people with diabetes and other health care professionals some the disease and how this can be treated , controlled , prevented as well as to add the latest trend astir(predicate) the management of diabetes among patients in a clinical linguistic contextApplication of JBS to Clinical mise en scene of Diabetes EducationThe Johnson Behavioral System aims on considering the seven subsystems in providing healthcare services among patients . It can be said that the lotion of JBS to clinical setting of Diabetes teaching needs three powers . first of all is the friendliness of the congruence o f the aims and purpose of the models with Di! abetes Education confide requirements , its intensive increment in line to the clinical setting of Diabetes information and its objective should be considered to be able to effectively and befittingly use JBS in the clinical settingThe first condition is the aspect of ideas and facts as well as their inter consanguinitys relevant of the Diabetes educators practice . In the Diabetes education , the mental view of the practice considers the diabetic healthcare professions and their relationship with their diabetic patients . Herein , the healthcare professionals liable in diabetes education must be goal point (Derdiarian , 1993 ) and this can be done by knowing the purpose of the establishment of diabetic education and that is to provide proper education about treating and domineering diabetic patient s condition and to provide knowledge and preventing diabetesThe act requirement that can be considered in using the imagination of JBS to Diabetic education is to consider a s tructure for practice to organize as well as standardized practice to be able to ensure that the diabetic healthcare providers bear their practice in a public and habitual (repetitive ) behavior . In this regard , those involved in diabetic education is structured to assess the patient s well being put their problems in line with diabetes and provide adjacent solutions . The last condition is to apply the context of JBS with clinical setting of diabetic education...If you postulate to get a full essay, parliamentary law it on our website:

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